MushRoom Bounce! by Two Squid Games is a unique, addictive, 2D physics game where you spin, bop, and ricochet Mushrooms into various holes to clear each level. Kino Koichi is the Mushroom Bouncer, a bodybuilding mushroom whose job it is to “bounce” unruly mushrooms that are invading human territory! To keep the peace between mushroom and human kind, Koichi is on a mission to get the mushroom outbreak under control. Under ground, above ground, and back in time — the mushroom madness is spreading in this addictive, crazy, retro, mushroom-bopping adventure!


* Major improvement: returning to interrupted game now returns player to beginning of last level played (Android only)
* Fixed major bug – green/red on-screen buttons no longer worked
* Put in dead zone between green/red buttons
* Shortened “delay between presses” for on-screen buttons, so they seem more responsive
* Many other bug fixes in the past 11 versions
* Fixed crash on some devices, related to In-App Billing
* Improved some levels