The goal for My Programmes On Demand (MyPOD) is to increase the use of podcasting, there is such a wealth of useful information and new music/video delivered via podcasting these days. MyPOD is designed to handle lot of feeds, using tagging and search instead of categories.


* Automatic update and download of podcasts, all fully configurable.
* Integrated dual player for listening to Voice & Music simultaneously.
* Online podcasts catalog from easily finding and adding to you list.
* Integrated browser for finding feeds and music.
* Remote Management from desktop (using browser and WIFI) – You can plug your device into your stereo and control your podcasts from your computer/netbook.
o You can also manage you podcasts using this interface, so you can easily serach for podcasts on you desktop and just copy the RSS URL in
* Tracking for all podcasts listened to & history.
* Download on power/wifi.
* Import/Export OPML.
* Import from google reader.
* Automatic space management (chose amount of space to use or keep free).
* Playlists.
* Desktop widget.