PedNav is an application that helps you plan your activities efficiently when moving around and interacting with an urban environment. It helps you select your daily activities using well-organized listings and lets you specify the time constraints for each of these activities while finding the most suitable public transportation and/or walking directions to each destination. PedNav is the ideal application for anyone who desires a one-stop shop for organizing their day, whether for a business trip, a shopping expedition, or an entertaining night out.

The ‘Places’ feature allows the user to browse for venues by address or the current GPS location. Users are able to browse through categories to find what they are looking for, or the search feature may be used to find venues in any category.

The ‘Itineraries’ feature asks users to select venues and assign time constraints (eg. “I want to be at Union Square by 11:00 am”). PedNav then creates a step-by-step itinerary, with public transit and walking directions, telling the user when to go where and how to get there.

Author: RouteMe2 Technologies Inc.
Additional Contributors: Amir Malik, Shawn Bohonos, Roberto Manduchi