Phonebook 2.0 is a secure, contextual and social mobile address book. Inspired by instant messaging, social networking and live streaming applications, it combines all three into an easy to use, all-in one mobile application. With Phonebook 2.0, contacts are never lost in case of the phone being broken or stolen because they are automatically saved on a remote server. Phonebook 2.0 also creates a social experience helping users to share their mood, location and pictures with their friends.

Thanks to both Android’s location APIs and Maps API, PhoneBook 2.0 can help users share their locations with friends and display contacts’ locations on a Map.

PhoneBook 2.0 shows buddies presence straight from the contact list. It is using the GTalk API to display presence and create instant messaging sessions.

Thanks to Android’s low-level access, PhoneBook 2.0 can access the phone to make calls and display a threaded view of the call logs.

Author: Voxmobili
Additional Contributors: Florent Stroppa, Alain Chebassier, Christelle Chauveau