Pocket Journey is the mobile application for delivery of, and the marketplace for, high quality, location-specific multimedia. Whether you have 2 minutes or 2 hours, you can learn about the topics that interest you most; history and folklore, sports and comedy, politics and geology, film and art…. the locations and topics are virtually unlimited and delivered instantly. Explore your hometown, national parks, vacation hotspots, off-the-beaten track – anywhere you go. Click, listen, learn – a world of knowledge in your pocket.

Android’s high-level mapping interface enables Pocket Journey to overlay sophisticated layers and multimedia geoclips while maintaining a high level of performance and usability.

Android’s multimedia infrastructure is the cornerstone of Pocket Journey’s ability to rapidly stream and display multimedia content to users in the compressed format best suited to the user’s mobile experience.

Pocket Journey uses Android’s high-level drawing framework to create an application with effective visual guides that anyone can just “pick up and use”.