Rockbot is a Megaman fan game with level editor.


* New physics system, much closer to Megaman/Rockman.
* Stage sub-bosses, with room that blocks player passage until it is defeated.
* When game is finished, two new characters become available.
* Stage review and redesign.
* Three armor pieces that give each character a different ability.
* New object types: Fire beam, Death ray, Teleporters, Block that can be destroyed with explosion, Special tank, recharge both hit points and all weapons.
* You can now set the direction (left/right) of an object when placing it on the map in editor.
* Ice terrain with inertia.
* Great optimization in the game with the removel of a duplicate screen updating call.
* Enemy respawn can be defined in the editor.
* Combination of keys down and jump isn’t used for sliding anymore. use button instead.
* Removed stages using different tileset after beaten.
* Fix chain weapon behavior, it now should follow player movement and direction.
* Improvements and correction in game dialogs.
* Several bug fixes and small improvements.
* Improvements in weapons