What if you were being attacked? Could you protect yourself and call for help at the same time? Could you dial 911? What if the phone could help? What if the phone could contact everyone in your SafetyNet telling them of your situation? Maybe provide your location? What if the phone could distract an assailant by sounding a loud siren plus activating a voice track announcing each function as it happens? What if your phone started capturing images of the scene? What if your phone could dial 911 and what if it did all of this by simply shaking it?

“Shake to Activate” is the driving force behind the simplicity of the SafetyNet application. By monitoring an on board accelerometer, SafetyNet can detect when a user is forcefully shaking the device in an effort to call for help, even if the application has not been launched.

“Safety Zones” is a SafetyNet feature that takes advantage of Android’s Location Based Manager. This will enable the “Shake to Activate” feature only when it is needed, helping to optimize your battery’s performance while maintaining access to the simplicity of a SafetyNet automated alert.

Medical Alert can use Google’s GTalk technology to notify everyone in your SafetyNet that you are experiencing a Medical emergency. Plus, it activates a voice track that can capture the attention of first responders and provide critical medical information to them even if you can’t.

Author: Michael DeJadon