Shove Stuff is all touch screen controlled. Holding your finger down on a block picks it up, taking your finger off the block drops it. While holding down you can slide the block around to place it where you want, or pick up speed to throw it at your opponent.

The game arena is divided in 2 halves. You are at the bottom of the screen. You can only grab and use blocks on your side. If you drag one across the boundary it releases. Drag one quickly across the boundary and you’ll throw it. Pull back to pick up speed first, and you can really make things fly. Don’t forget, the faster a block is moving, the more damage it does!

Along the screen top sits the goals’ health, game clock, and menu button. Usually you win by reducing the opponent’s health to 0, but not always.

Multiplayer mode is also supported over wireless networks!. You and a friend simply need to select a Multiplayer LAN game, choose a level, and go!