Emulator for the SNES/Super Famicom based on Snes9x 1.43. Snes9x EX is properly licensed and the author will also answer questions related to this app on the official Snes9x message boards.

Snes9x EX for iOS preview using the iControlPad and Wiimotes


* Accurate emulation and similar compatibility to Snes9x 1.43 on the PC
* Full quality 44KHz stereo sound
* Supports games in .smc, .sfc, .fig, and .1 formats, optionally in .zip files
* Super Scope support, touch screen to fire, touch off-screen to push Cursor button
* Mouse Support, see Snes9x EX section on website for instructions
* Configurable on-screen multi-touch controls & keyboard support (needs Android 2.1+ for multi-touch, up to 3 touches supported at once)
* Multiplayer-capable Wiimote + Classic Controller and iControlPad support (no need to purchase a separate app)
* Backup memory and save state support, auto-save and ten manual slots for save states. State files from Snes9x 1.43 should work on Snes9x EX and vice-versa.
* Portrait/Landscape auto-orientation support


* Adjusted sound pitch and interpolation enabled
* Fix a crash setting the on-screen D-Pad off with L/R on it
* Support all possible Android key maps. Note: you must re-configure your keys due to config file changes
* Pause game if active behind another window
* Auto save-states can be saved after 15/30mins
* GPU Sync Hack option to work around broken OpenGL drivers on some phones. Only enable if you experience OS lock-ups
* Increased the bounding box size for the fast-forward on-screen control

Thanks to http://www.aep-emu.de/PNphpBB2-file-viewtopic-t-17472.html for the news.