Speccy is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum home computer emulator, but also emulates a Sam Coupe. It will run software written for Spectrum 16k, 48k, 128k, +2, +2A, +3, Timex Sinclair, Pentagon, and Skorpion home computers.


* Inverted tape input bit (Billy Kid, etc).
* Fixed tape autostart when loading tapes in ZX128 mode.
* Added “Emulator | Invert Kempston Bits” option (Altered Beast).
* Optimized OpenGLES shaders used in scaling algorithms and filters.
* Added “Audio | Sampling Rate | Automatic” option for best available sound.
* Added options for 24kHz and 48kHz sampling rates.
* Always using optimal rate and buffer size when “Automatic” selected.
* Always hiding FAB buttons on devices with no touchscreen.