Teradesk is a virtual file storage and remote file access tool. User files are stored and controlled by the Teradesk Server and transferred in encrypted form to and from the cellphone. Teradesk allows transfers of any size with pause control, resume and full recovery of broken transfers. Whether your battery life ended or your Internet connection crashed there will be no data loss. Smart features permit total control over user disk space and content including hierarchical and relational navigation, file sharing, file versioning, comments on files and folders, GoogleDocs integration and remote access to other devices and computers running Teradesk.

Teradesk takes advantage of the background processing and networking capabilities of Android to allow multiple encrypted background transfers of any type and size. If the device claims resources and stops the application, the next time Teradesk is activated it will notify the user about pending transfers thus allowing them to be restarted from the breaking point.

Bluetooth and MMS APIs of Android allow Teradesk to send files direct from the storage to cellphones and bluetooth enabled devices of any person. In addition, Teradesk can browse and get files from home/office computers and other Android cellphones.

Allows users to preview and visualize stored images without the need to download each one to the cellphone file system. GoogleDocs integration allows a document, spreadsheet or presentation file to be converted and uploaded to a GoogleDocs Server. After conversion, users can read or edit documents online using the Android built-in Internet browser.

Author: Jose Augusto Ferrarini