Yet Another Pixel Dungeon (or YetAnotherPD for short) by ConsideredHamster is a roguelike RPG with pixel graphics and simple controls. Like most other games in this genre, it features randomly generated levels, relatively high difficulty and a large number of things to learn. And like most other games of its genre, it is quite challenging.

This game is based on the source code of another Android game, Pixel Dungeon. It began as a small project with the goal to improve the original game here or there, but has since gradually grown into something much, much bigger. The games are quite different from each other, so there is no need to play the original game before trying this one.

YetAnotherPD is absolutely, totally and completely free. There are no advertisements, microtransactions or limited access, and will never be. Most likely, even the “donate” button will only be added after the main release.


Version 0.3.0c is here! Most changes are mentioned in the game. Also, PLEASE READ:
1. Localization WILL be implemented, but this will happen only after I will bring subclasses back (which means that it will happen only after the update 0.4.0).
2. Multiplayer WILL NOT be implemented, never. This is due to how problematic it would be to make it work properly with current game mechanics.