Sega Master System High-Fidelity Audio (Master System misc)

Maxim Zhao shows us an example of music being played on a Sega Master System using advanced pre-analysis to produce much higher quality than usual. See for more details.

Sega Master System high-fidelity audio

Thanks to sverx for the news!

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Halcyon v2018.06.20 (WIP) (NES Game)

Halcyon for NES is heavily inspired by Blaster Master and Metroid. Code by Nathan Tolbert and graphics by @FrankenGraphics. The goal is to have the game ready sometime in 2020.


Finally getting around to adding the ability to get in/out of the tank. Time to work on some flicker management next — the tank plus character uses 6 of 8 sprites at their maximum width.

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procban (PICO-8 Game)

procban is a new PICO-8 game by Egor Dorichev. The game is a mix of Sokoban and other puzzle game genres, which turned out quite interesting!

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Tailgate Party (Back In Stock) (Commercial) (NES Game)

Orab Games has Tailgate Party back in stock! $50 for Complete In Box. $40 for Cart+Manual. All packages are charged small flat rate shipping. Taxes applied to all orders from Nebraska!

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pSNES v1.2 (SNES emulator for Nintendo Switch)

Cpasjuste updated his Super Nintendo Entertainment / SNES / Super Famicom emulator pSNES to be used with a homebrew enabled Nintendo Switch device. This release does not come with any roms. You can find freeand legal SNES roms here on PDRoms tho.


* remove “db.xml” dependency, remove the file to do so (you can still use it for a better experience).
* add high resolution support (fix Secret Of Mana menus, – Kirby 3 water, Yoshi Island…)
* add/fix Super FX (Star Fox still have some graphical glitches)
* add video filters (TV2X, SMOOTH, SUPEREAGLE, 2XSAI, SUPER2XSAI, EPX, HQ2X). Some filter will slow down some games.
* fix a crash in unzip functions (when multiples roms are loaded)
* major speed improvement
* fix per rom config applied to all roms
* print snes9x messages to screen
* add 2 players capability (untested)
* add single joycon mode: enable SINGLE_JOYCONS in options, (+) or (-) now send (start+select), (+) or (-) + R send menu key (todo: find a better solution)
* sort rom list alphabetically
* fix (+) and (-) keys inverted in config menu
* improve preview box
* add switch buttons images in options
* and more changes/fixes I can’t remember…

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Ninja Savior (WIP) (Game Boy Game)

The MSX game Ninja Savior is getting a Game Boy release by Jon Cortazar. Pure Assembler and a 32k ROM did the job – there seems to be no official release yet. We very much look forward to it!

About the game:

There is an ancient tale about the old and peaceful village of Usuki in Japan. One terrible night, the town was attacked by deadly ghosts and monsters. To defeat them all and bring peace again, the Ninja Savior was summoned for him to defeat the evil forces and save the village from destruction.

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Super Jump’n’Shoot Attack v1.2 (Commercial) (Android Game)

Super Jump’n’Shoot Attack by FreakZone Games guarantuees retro feeling for only 2,99 €. Join Louise Lightfoot, the legendary “Master of Jumping and Shooting”, on her mission to save the President of Earth 4 from evil space mutants known as the Xatharr! Collect items to boost attacks and gain lives, dominate online leaderboards, and Jump’N’Shoot your way to victory! If you love Mega Man you will love this game as well.

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Halcyon v2018.06.10 (WIP) (NES Game)

Nathan Tolbert is not really a stranger to everyone who is into homebrew. He currently works on a new NES game which is most likley to be called Halcyon. Halcyon is heavily inspired by Blaster Master and Metroid. Graphics are made by @FrankenGraphics. The goal is to have the game ready sometime in 2020.

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Taco v2018.06.16 (WIP) (SNES Game)

Taco for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System / Super Famicom has more progress to show. Now implementing items…

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NeoPlat Blast v2018.06.18 (Nintendo 3DS Game)

NeoPlat Blast is a brand new frantic Single-Screen platformer by Jayenkai. Blast away the blocks for points, but beware the spawning Bats, and use your bomb wisely to take them all out. Bombs won’t kill you. But the Bats will!

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