Playstation II Demos! (PS2 misc)

I had the time to add a handfull of Playstations II stuff. Those are 1 Game, 3 Demos and 1 Emulator! Have fun…

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Important note! (misc)

The temporary URL of pdroms shouldn’t be spread! The page is still NOT PUBLIC! Please keep that in mind. Thank you for your attention!

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4K GBA Entries are up (GBA misc)

Hello ladies and gentlemen 🙂

The page is currently in Alpha-Stage, so don’t expect too much out of it. My old archive is mostley up, I excluded the computer demos/games because they are still very well supported via other pages.

Well todays news are, that I’ve added all 21 4k GBA Entries! (Thanks to Costis for sending them 🙂

The additions so far are:

1 Bit Ball Wall by JustBurn, 4K Advance v0.9 by Clems, 4k Groove by Aleksi Eeben, 4k Tetris by Mael, Adler 2kb by Adler of HardNULL, Breakout by fools, Brimstone by Phil Stroffolino, Combat (GBA) by fools, Croutons by Clafou, Elevator by Shen, Firepong by fools, Jewel (GBA) v0.08 by David Welch, Joker Poker by Phil Stroffolino, Othello 4K by Kristopher Smith, Rotris by Yarin, Same Game by Daniel Smith, Snake (GBA) by Rob, Sproing by Dennis Kincheloe, Star Shooter by NEiM0D, Super Duper Demo by BudClot, Very Poor Mans Copper 2002 by Jarno Heikkinen

Another big “THANK YOU” goes out to pancid. Without his help the re-launch of pdroms wouldn’t be possible. But for now, have fun and happy downloading 🙂

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