:~( troubles! (misc)

Seems those guys can’t transfer my old .com domain! This .de domain ist just here for temporary work. Well I’ll call a shitload of people now, we’ll see what this will bring 🙁

I’ll not re-open without my .com domain! So instead of 8 days it might take a while more before I can present the re-launch!

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Download problem fixed (misc)


The download problem with the “&” in the filename has been fixed!

Nothing more…


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New PS2 Game (PS2 misc)

Errm… well

PS2 Invadersfor Playstation 2 by InPulSe Team is up 🙂 Regarding a few people it should work fine with PCSX2 (early Playstation 2 Emulator for Windows)

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Download-Problems and NEW GBA Additions (misc)

Hello together,
unfortunatley I’ve found a small problem if you try to download files which have a “&” in it! The download simply will not work! The same problem occours if a Screenshot has “&” in it! We are working to fix the problem.

Gameboy Advance Additions
Absolute Zed by CraigX
Ace Beta 11 by NightC1 & Kyp4
Awale by Apsod
Bad Bad Beez by ILGS
Ballistic v1.0 by Dave Smith
Blob by Zen Psycho
Bogey6 by Jay Cook
Bunnykost by Icebird
Desolate by Daniel Capek & Pavel Cizek
GBAmenu v1.0 by Sjaak
Hockey by Fatgraham
Kara Kara Cubes by Matt Kyle
Move On by Hugo Smits
Osiris by Alistair Phillips
Scanboy by Karthur
Scoopdemo by Team Bomba
Simonchu by Jagos
Skool Daze by Martin Eyre
Skull Smasher by Ben
Slime Ball by Erik Schellenger
Starzone by Unknown
Tokkun Advance guv of Zero Degrees
Transmission Control (Compo Edition) by BludClot
Viper3D v1.2 by Royale00
We Are Armed (Preview) by Checkpoint

I think this will be one of the last additions before the official re-opening. That’s it for today. Have a nice day!

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Download limit (misc)


Today I’ve coded a script for restricting the transfer limit to 1.5gb/day, which is very important actually because otherwise Kojote would pay quite a lot if our traffic would reach more than 60gb/month.

However, right now the page is nearly finished i think and if you find any bugs please tell me BEFORE june 14th because i’m on a school trip from june 15th – june 21st…


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Changes & new stuff added! (misc)

Oh well…

here we go:

– The contact page had an white background, this is fixed now. It should fit now to the other black backgrounds on each page.
– The E-Bay Banner moved from the upper frame to the left one.

GP32 Additions
– GPDivx v0.00 – Pre Alpha by ZardozJones (Application)
– GPDivx v0.01 – Pre Alpha by ZardozJones (Application)
– GPDivx v0.02 – Pre Alpha by ZardozJones (Application)
– GPSpeccy v0.02 by ZardozJones (Spectrum Emulator)
– GPSpeccy v0.05 by ZardozJones (Spectrum Emulator)
– PCE GP Beta 2 by OMSK (PCE Emulator)
– Test:23 by Hitmen (Demo)
– SMS32 v0.5 by Aj0 (Master System II / Game Gear Emulator)
– Sokoban (Public Beta 1) by Clem (Game)
– Sokoban (Public Beta 2) by Clem (Game)

Neo Geo Pocket Color Additions
– Music Demo 1 by Ivan Mackintosh (Demo)
– Dodgerby Ivan Mackintosh (Game)
– Diamond Run by Ivan Mackinthos (Game)

Gameboy Color Additions
– Stadin Brankkari by ph0x (Demo)
– Water Effect by ph0x (Demo)
– The Lake Effect by ph0x (Demo)

The re-launch date is still the 20th of this month, and the page is still NOT PUBLIC!

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A few changes… (misc)


Today’s changes (so far):
– Ebay banner (added)
– New table layout
– Disclaimer and the contact sites were added

OK, I think that’s it…

See ya

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Layout changes! (misc)

Hey Ho!

I changed the Layout today… you’ll probably not notice it, but the screen should fit into every browser-window now and as Kojote said, if you notice any bugs please inform Kojote or me about it. We are on EFNET #pdroms from time to time…


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More Demos More Fun :) (misc)

Here we go…

since I had a bit more time I added following stuff:

Playstation II (Demo Additions)

By The Way by Jules, Colors Of My Mind v1.5 by adresd, P51 Mustang by LongChair, Untitled by

GP32 (Game Additions)

Yet Another Sokoban Clone dr2 by CMOTD

I think those additions should do it for today! For all BETA-Testers, if you find any big mistake, please let me know them, or pancid. We are working hardly to make the page ready on the official re-launch date which is the 20th June!

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Playstation II Demos! (PS2 misc)

I had the time to add a handfull of Playstations II stuff. Those are 1 Game, 3 Demos and 1 Emulator! Have fun…

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