Coin Thief Adventure! v2017.07.09 (PICO-8 Game)

Coin Thief Adventure! by MBoffin is a PICO-8 game. Grab as many coins as possible, avoid enemies or blow them up.

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Game Development with PICO-8 Issue 1 (PICO-8 misc)

Game Development with PICO-8 Issue #1 by MBoffin is a 72-page zine about doing game development with PICO-8. The zine assumes you have never done game development before. However, there are sections specifically for people who have done game development before, but would like to do so in PICO-8.

Delightful Game Development with PICO-8

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PDRoms Server Donation – March 2018 (misc)

If anyone has few spare cent to donate to the server costs, we won’t say no 😉 Thanks in advance. Find a donation box to your right side.

Thanks & Regards
Kojote & Team

PS: Thanks so far: Ringo and Douglas!

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Proliferate v2.0 (Android Game)

Proliferate by Aven Labs is a strategy board game played by two people. The goal of the game is to as rapidly as possible expand your colony of digital cells. To do this you must position your cells strategically so that you can both attack your opponent and defend your own cells.

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Ivanhoe v2017.10.03 (WIP) (Genesis Game)

Ivanhoe by Z Team is a remake of the Amiga/Atari game version to Sega Mega Drive from scratch using SGDK 1.30. There seems to be no binary yet. Thanks to @MoonWatcherMD for the hint.

Ivanhoe (Megadrive version)

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Mega Mountain (NES Game)

Mega Mountain is a game by @sylviefluff. NES/FC port by Adrian Makes Games. Music & sound engine by @PinoBatch. Your best friend has been kidnapped and taken to the top of the Mega Mountain. You must save him.

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Color Memory v1.1.0 (Android Game)

Color Memory is an Android game by Casse Croute Games. A grid appears with different color after a few seconds, it turns and at the bottom of it a block turns indicating the color to be found, you find the cases with same color in the grid use your Memoryto find him.

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EXEXE infinity v1.0.2 (Android Game)

EXEXE infinity by SevenStudio Gameworks is a simple shooting game, focused on surviving the enemies’ attack and gaining high scores. While the operation and the rules are quite simple, you can gain incredible high scores by our original scoring system.

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floopy v1.0 (Android Game)

floopy is an Android game by zumpdo. Help the bird flap and fly by guiding it to hoops. There are lots of birds to unlock.

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Bouncy Bob v1.43 (Android Game)

Bouncy Bob is a simple indie game with unique controls.

Bouncy Bob Launch Trailer

Become a funny gnome named Bouncy Bob and defeat an army of the undead in single player mode. When you master the unique controls invite a friend to kick some butt in local multiplayer mode. One of a kind game world is a combination of cartoon horror, German expressionism, light humor and doodle style. But it will not be a walk in the park! Lurking around are sharp spikes, grenades and flying blades. Oh and did we mention the bloodthirsty zombies?

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