Green frogs on a yellow leaf… (misc)

… nope I haven’t gone mad 🙂

Just don’t know how to name the headline 🙂 Have fun…

GP32 Additions
Flipit v0.3 by JyCet
GPicross v0.07 by Yenaphe

Gameboy Advance Additions
Toms 1st GBA Demo by Tom
Toms 2nd GBA Demo (Raster Bar Demo) by Tom

Gameboy Color Additions
Clickomania Alpha by ph0x

PC Engine Additions
Super Fighter Demo by Death Adder

Playstation 2 Additions
1987 by jollytx

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GP32 Emulator Section update! (GP32 misc)

GP32 Additions
fMSX32 v06182002 by rlyeh
fNES32 v06282002 by rlyeh
snes9xgp v0.1b by Intelecto

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SNES Emulator for GP32! Interview with the Author “Intelecto” (GP32 misc)

Due to the very very soon release of a snes9x port for the korean handheld GP32, I tried to catch the author Intelecto who allready sent out a couple of betas to various people. After the first fake, “snes9xgp” he will proof that IT IS POSSIBLE to play SNES on a GP32… but enter the Interview section and read on your own 🙂

You are welcome to join EFNET #pdroms or EFNET #gp32dev to have a litte discussion… or just idle around 🙂

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Small Update! (misc)

GP32 Additions
Car Race v1.01 by Pion
Layers by Mr Spiv

Atari Lynx Additions (NEW SECTION!)
Otello by Karri Kaksonen

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GBA Additions (GBA misc)

Gameboy Advance Additions
Astrohawk Advance 02-08-2002 by Paul Lay
Ghost Animation by Jenswa
lollipoop by slaphappy ninjarobots
Pong Advance by Mat Scales
Speed v1.0 by Mark Harvey
WonkieGuy (August 17, 2002) by Sean Reid
Wrappa by Bitfox

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Some PS2 Demos (PS2 misc)

Playstation 2 Additions
J0 Mommaz by InPulse Team
Plasma Tunnel by Dreamtime
Round4 by adresd

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Short downtime! (misc)

Today there was a change in the database structure… due to this, many parts of the page (specially the roms) were not avaliable for approximatley three to four hours. I’m sorry for that, everything should work now as it should. If you still notice any non working part of pdroms, please drop me an e-mail! Thank you!

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Assembly 2002 Stuff and more… (misc)

After my vacation, here is the first “real” update 🙂 I promised a few people to add their stuff soon, unfortunatly I was not able to cover everything in this update today… but for now, here is the update report:

Gameboy Advance Additions
Anarchy by Halo (Demo released at Assembly 2002)
Beyond The Limits by Vivid Design (Demo released at Assembly 2002)
Kilken by Calodox (Demo released at Assembly 2002)
Period Of Revolutionary Transform by Matt Current (Demo released at Assembly 2002)
VIT 2 by Unique (Demo released at Assembly 2002)
Blowhole v0.90 by Lance Legan
Trix v1.0 by Richard Heasman

GP32 Additions
WonderBoi32 v0.052 by Rattboi
Ye Fly The Chopper v0.9 by Pion
U-Book v0.2b by Don Miguel

Gameboy Color Additions
Childs Play by CNCDDemotronic by 1.000.000 Boys

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…and back! (misc)

After two weeks of vacation in Germany (Harz-Area) I’m finally back. A couple of people wrote me about missing files, new demos, etc. The new files (mostley GBA and GBC Stuff) will be added soon. To fix the problem for a good dozen of files I’ve to wait until Pancid appears. He seems to be on holiday again 🙂

Cya soon @ the next update!

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Kojote going on holiday… (misc)

I just want to let you know, that I’ll be on holiday for the next two weeks. I’ve hardly a chance to go online during this time, that’s why I’m 100% not able to do any updates! But be sure to see the page updated as usual when I’m back. Before I leave, here is a small update:

Gameboy Advance Additions
Asteroids 2 GBA by Russ Prince
Chaos r2 by Quirky

Gameboy Color Addition
Galaxia by Dox

Playstation 2 Addition
ColemPS2 v1.0b by Jum

GP32 Additions
Mummu by Mr Spiv
Sicko by Mr Spiv

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