The Retro Hour EP115 – Magnetic Fields – The Inside Story (misc)

The Retro Hour is your weekly dose of retro gaming and technology news, views and interviews from the UK.


We get the inside story on the Lotus series, Kikstart, Kid Chaos, Rally Championship and more with Andrew Morris!

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Vegetablets Go (Commercial) (NES Game)

Most of us possibly missed Vegetablets Go by Japanese delevoper Tulip House. Guide your bear and carry the crops (cabbage, spinach, strawberry) in the field to the harvest point! There were 10 NES and 10 FAMICOM copies and they are sold out. Keep an eye at the discussion over at NintendoAge.


There is a little chance to see more cartridges being sold in the future. Let’s hope for those, who can’t grab a copy in time, there will be a free ROM sometime in the future.

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The Retro League Podcast – Episode 429 – Delicious Yoshi Bears: Nintendo Approved! (misc)

The Retro League Podcast features discussion about the latest retro gaming news, re-releases, community developments and reviews of our favorite games.

This week:

This week we decide which Quintet SNES game we want to play next and discuss the canon of a hypothetical Street Fighter 2 RPG. While we try to avoid gossip and controversial topics, we do have to relay some reports of bad behavior regarding an individual we’ve interviewed before. We’ve also got some shady projects to try to buy out Toys ‘R’ Us, but we try to lighten things up with some board games and Tiger LCD handhelds in this episode of the Retro League.

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MetroCUBEvania v1.1 (PICO-8 Game)

MetroCUBEvania is a PICO-8 game by FlytrapStudios. It’s a tiny “Metroidvania” platformer where you play as a cube. You gain more and more abilities as you progress. There are multiple environments, some collectables and you can find a boss fight at the end.

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Video: NES Programming #16 – Exporting Asset Data To The NES (NES misc)

Michael Chiaramonte shows us once again how to do some NES Programming.

NES Programming #16 - Exporting asset data to the NES!


In this episode, we finally get data exporting to the NES. For now, the tool is generating code to draw the sprites and exporting the CHR data with an offset because of the pre-loaded title screen but it is working now as expected. Lots to clean up and fix but I’m very excited we have the tool “talking” to the game finally. Have a great weekend!

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Retro Asylum #181 (misc)

Retro Asylum #181 is here!


Chris and Paul catch up with Paul Rose to talk gaming TV, Digitiser The Show and Biffo’s return to Revival 2018.

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Lil’ King (PICO-8 Game)

Once there was a Lil’ King. He was small in stature, but also small-minded. He believed that everyone in his kingdom was making fun of him behind his back. While this was definitely true, Lil’ King had no way of knowing that. But one day, he was fed up. So he banished every last nobleman and peasant from his kingdom. Finally he could live in peace. But, a neighboring kingdom caught wind of his utter aloneness. That very night, a siege began… A PICO-8 game by Tom Brinton!

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Topple Squares v1.0.1 (Android Game)

Topple Squares is an Android game by Jonathan Macioszczyk. Find the 3 right squares randomly activated among the 9 squares of the grid and earn points to become the number one!

You have to select 3 different squares per attempt. The number of right squares found among the 3 squares you selected is displayed at the end of each attempt, but you will not know which of the 3 squares selected are right and which ones are wrong.

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Nim & Nom v1.1 (NES Game)

Krill considers his latest NES game Nim & Nom finished! Time for us, to spread out the word about this cute platformer as it’s a really beautiful game. Don’t waste time and download the ROM as soon as possible, you won’t regret. There are plenty of levels to enjoy and the challenge get’s harder, which makes it not a game for just a few minutes, but makes you play it again and again!

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Colossal Cave Adventure v1.1 (3DS Game)

Colossal Cave Adventure (also known as ADVENT, Colossal Cave, or Adventure) is a text adventure game, developed originally in 1976, by Will Crowther for the PDP-10 mainframe. The game was expanded upon in 1977, with help from Don Woods, and other programmers created variations on the game and ports to other systems in the following years. [Text from Wikipedia]


– Added coll pause after a page of text (press A to continua)
– Changed text color to green
– Added possibility to swap color to white with R+UP
– Added possibility to swap again color to green with R+DOWN
– Started formatting textes to the narrow 3ds screen
– Starting the game with R pressed, forces an update of the game data on SD (needed to load the new formatted textes)

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