Eternal Lands v1.9.4.01 (Pandora Game Port)

Eternal Lands is a FREE 3D fantasy MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) that can be played on Windows, Linux, OSX and now Pandora (ported by ptitSeb).

Release notes:

The game use gl4es and is playable. You may need to lower some details (the cloud shadow eats a lot of CPU, and the reflection too). You can also reduce the viewing distance. It should be nicely playable on Gigahertz. Lower model will need to reduce viewing distance (also, use the “poor man” preset). CC will need a Swapfile, not sure for other models.

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Qtractor v0.8.0.0 (Pandora Application Port)

Qtractor is an audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer application written in C++ with the Qt4 framework. Ported to Pandora by Canseco.


– Latest beta release. See ChangeLog.
– Updated LV2 plugins: EQ10Q 2.1
– Updated libs and sources.

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Sword of Iffrit (Beta 25-11-2016) (A2600 Game)

ultima (before known as rpgfaker) updated his action game Sword of Iffrit from 2009. Loki the God of Mischief has stolen the sword of Surtr and split it into 3 pieces. You play as the viking Haldor on your quest to find the sword fragments and return them to your longhouse.

Release notes:

A little progress

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Scope v2 (Master System Game)

Scope is a Sega Master System homebrew game by 64kb Games.

How good is your reaction time? Scope is a very simple light-phaser game that lets you test your speed and accuracy. A picture is placed on the screen. Only the bar where you are aiming is illuminated with color. You only have 3 seconds to find the bright red color on the screen and shoot it!!! If you hit, the whole picture is shown in color before going on to the next picture. Miss even once, and you get sent back to the title screen. Hit all 20 targets, and your reaction time is measured at the end of the game. How quick are you on the draw?

Watch this video on YouTube.

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The Gizzle Wap and the Great Blizzard (01-12-2016) (A2600 Game)

Mountain King released an early version of his new WIP Atari VCS game The Gizzle Wap and the Great Blizzard.

It’s the holidays in Sundra. A great blizzard hit the land suddenly trapping anyone that was unfortunate enough to be caught outside. You play as the Gizzle Wap and the Moum Moum searching the land for survivors. Move the Gizzle Wap left and right and press up to jump. The Moum Moum will follow. Press the fire button to dig in the snow to search.

Listen closely to the Moum Moum. He has a better sense of where a creature might be buried. Dig where he sings. You may have to scan an area more than once to find something. He will not sing if he is standing on the Gizzle Wap or if he is too high in the sky.

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Sword Strike v2 (Master System Game)

Sword Strike is a Sega Master System homebrew game by 64kb Games.

Live or die by by your swordsmanship! A nocturnal raid into the enemy’s castle puts you face to face with knights, soldiers and mercenaries. Parry their sword strikes and swing when they are vulnerable. Win, and you watch the enemy castle burn. Fail, and your corpse will be left where it fell. Fight first-person sword duels on an 8-bit system! Victory and death rely on a single blow!

Watch this video on YouTube.

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Fatso’s Quest v0.0.5 (PICO-8 Game)

Fatso’s Quest is a PICO-8 game by Nachogrande96. Main idea behind this game is to collect coins, but with a few restrictions. You can only carry six coins at a time, and as you collect more coins you become heavier and can’t jump as high. When your pockets are full, you can’t jump at all!

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Rebooteroids (Commercial) (Atari Jaguar Game)

Rebooteroids is a new take on an arcade classic for the Atari Jaguar. In development for over six years, Rebooteroids is finally ready to be released! Rebooteroids features 100 unique levels, plus 10 ‘kombateroids’ levels for multiplayer head to head. The game also features a ‘skirmish mode’ whereby randomly generated levels of increasing difficulty challenge the player.

Rebooteroids – Atari Jaguar Homebrew

Watch this video on YouTube.


* One or two players
* 100 unique levels!
* Five gameplay modes (see below)!
* Supports Jaguar gamepad and rotary controllers
* Settings and high scores saved to cartridge
* Share your high scores online with QR code!
* Features original music by 505 and MSG / reservoir gods.
* Customize controls for each player
* Utility menu including Jagtopia, BJL Load, Cheats, and Jukebox

For 80 USD this game could be yours!

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GraphCalc3DS v1.5 (Nintendo 3DS Application)

GraphCalc3DS by flarn2006 is a simple graphing calculator that works with RPN equations.

Release notes:

This new release includes a new feature that several people have requested: RPN input is now optional. Pressing A will open the system keyboard, where you can type in an equation using traditional algebraic notation. In addition, if you have a New 3DS (or possibly a Circle Pad Pro, not sure if it’s compatible) you can control the first two variable sliders (‘a’ and ‘b’) by moving the C-stick.

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Xash3D v0.97.3224.15 (Pandora Port misc)

Xash3D Engine is a custom Gold Source Engine rewritten from scratch. Xash3D is compatible with many of the Gold Source games and mods and should be able to run almost any existing singleplayer Half-Life mod without a hitch. The multiplayer part is not yet completed, multiplayer mods should work just fine, but bear in mind that some features may not work at all or work not exactly the way they do in Gold Source Engine. Xash3D has been ported to Pandora by ptitSeb.

Important: You will need HalfLife data to play. Just copy “valve” folder in appdata/xash3d


* Added some neon optimisations
* Added some GL optimisation (batching some calls)
* Updated all libs.

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