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Fit Android v0.9.2 (Android Application)

Fit Android is a suite of fitness applications, with a calorie counter, a weight journal, and a gym diary.


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AndSudoku (24-07-2008) (Android Game)

AndSudoku is a Sudoku clone for Android. The goal is to fill all fields with numbers from 1 to 9 in an order that every row and every column contains each of the numbers only once. Also every 3×3 SubBox may contain every number just once.


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AndPipes v0.9.9 (Public Beta) (Android Game)

AndPipes is a pipes clone for Android. It is your job to build pipes faster than the water rushes through. Build fast – Build smart.

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Android Dictionary (Android Application)

Android Dictionary supporting Vietnamese, English, French, German and Spanish.

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Android SDK Petition (Android misc)

There is a petition ongoing, because Google gives out the latest version of their Android SDK only to selected people instead to the whole community.

Read on:

Hello everyone,

I’m starting this petition, to express my personal frustration about the release cycles and the information policy of the Android SDK.

Before m5 we were waiting about 2 months, now we are waiting almost 4 months!

Partially the SDK is buggy (i.e.: the MediaPlayer) and features like built-in Geocoding are not working.

In order not to lose many highly encouraged developers, I think its time to release some news about the development process of the SDK.

Maybe let us know why we have to live with these long cycles.

As you maybe know, I am one of the biggest fans of Android, putting a lot of work into the community through my forum. But unfortunately disappointment is being born in the last weeks 🙁 (Especially thinking of recently existing OpenMoko-Phones and the new iPhone SDK).

In my personal opinion it is not the right choice to keep developers in the dark. We, the developers, are the absolute base of success to the whole Android platform. The presentation with GoogleIO was a good first step but for me it was nto enough.

Therefore I am ‘signing’ this ‘petition’, hoping to receive information/update on the Android SDK.

(+1) plusminus

Regards, plusminus # Worlds largest Android Development Community / Tutorials

PS: I didn’t want to depreciate the work of the Android Dev Team or anyone else.

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Tooldroid v0.5.1 (Beta) (Android misc)

Tooldroid is an Android Toolbox Project. More information is available in japanese(?) language by following the link below.

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G-Bios (24-06-2008) (Android misc)

The G-Bios project aims at designing and developing a general architecture of bootloader/BIOS for Android and other embedded Linux.


1. Seperated into two parts: top half and bottom half.
2. Video BIOS Integerated.
3. Friendly user interface.
4. Auto-decting image file type and auto-burning intelligently.
5. etc.

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Sonic Flashcards (15-04-2008) (Android Application)

Sonic Flashcards is a dynamic flash card that uses memory techniques and multimedia to maximize learning.

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Where are You v0.1 (Android Application)

The service allows mutual location sharing between android device user.

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Android-VNC-Viewer (12-06-2008) (Android Application)

Android-VNC-Viewer is a VNC Viewer for Android phones. Android-VNC-Viewer is forked from tightVNC viewer.

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