The Gizzle Wap and the Great Blizzard (15-12-2016) (A2600 Game)

Mountain King updated his new WIP Atari VCS game The Gizzle Wap and the Great Blizzard.

It’s the holidays in Sundra. A great blizzard hit the land suddenly trapping anyone that was unfortunate enough to be caught outside. You play as the Gizzle Wap and the Moum Moum searching the land for survivors. Move the Gizzle Wap left and right and press up to jump. The Moum Moum will follow. Press the fire button to dig in the snow to search.

Listen closely to the Moum Moum. He has a better sense of where a creature might be buried. Dig where he sings. You may have to scan an area more than once to find something. He will not sing if he is standing on the Gizzle Wap or if he is too high in the sky.


1. Implemented a damage routine (not fully refined yet). Bars will flash red if the Gizzle Wap takes damage and Yellow if the Moum Moum takes damage. Also you will hear them make a sound if they are hit.
2. The left health bar is the Moum Moum’s life the right health bar is the Gizzle Wap’s
3. The Gizzle Wap and the Moum Moum will take damage if hit by the Crab, Ghost and Cruncher.
4. Added a firn vortex that flies across the screen. Avoid it. It will hurt you.
5. Both the Gizzle Wap and Moum Moum will take damage over time from the cold.

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Brick Shot Ice v1.0 (Android Game)

Brick Shot Ice is an endless running game developed by Tengersoft LLC. Throw an ice piece into the empty spaces to break the ice blocks. Let the Ice challenge begin!

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Space Car ’78 (14-12-2016) (A2600 Game)

Wally’s Folly updated Space Car ’78. Make sure keeping your vehicle on the street while avoiding obstacles.

Release notes:

I had originally expected, even when thinking of targeting a dozen or more platforms, to create several Atari 2600 games before tiring of it … but I have been researching the Atari 8 bit recently and I am keen to get to this platform sooner rather than later… so this is the end of the Atari 2600 work for a while.

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In The Line Of Fire (Kickstarter) (DC Game)

In The Line Of Fire will be a brand new first person shooter for the Sega Dreamcast. Assume the role of a SWAT commander and take down the bad guys! The game is currently funding via Kickstarter.

In the Line of Fire KS
Watch this video on YouTube.

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Don’t Drown v1.6 (Android Game)

Don’t Drown is an Android game by EvrythngEnterprises. The main goal in this game is to stay alive, while the water level rises.

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Pico Tanks v0.1 (PICO-8 Game)

There are lot of Battle City clones in this world. This one is PICO-8 remake made by Shogal. As the version number tells, this game is still in development.

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Flow Rush v1.0 (Android Game)

Flow Rush by blackhornet.workshop is a free unique logic puzzle game. Your task is to deliver all messages to the destination points. To solve the puzzle, you should rotate and connect hex tiles in such a way as to find the right path for a delivery of abstract messages. Use the doves to fast transferring over distances.

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Road Figther (17-11-2016) (GCWZ Game Port)

thaloi took care of Brain GamesRoad Fighter Remake and brought it to the GCW Zero handheld.

In Road Fighter you drive a car in a death race between you and a group of mad drivers. Your aim? To reach the end of the checkpoint before you run out of fuel. Sounds easy? Far from it, there’s a lot of obstacles between your car and the checkpoints! The game is divided in 6 stages and features 3 different difficulty levels

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Light Bikes v1.0 (PICO-8 Game)

Light Bikes by boooomninja is a simultaneous two player Tron style game.

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Short-Circuit v0.5 (PICO-8 Game)

Short-Circuit is a simple puzzle game by jclermont. Swap blocks, make a chain of same-color blocks to the “G” block from the bottom of the screen. Defeat enemies and work fast to avoid attacks.

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