int n v1.1.1 (Android Game)

int n is a mathematical puzzle game by Wesley H. Fung. Divide and subtract, crack down tiles, clear the center and win!

Release notes:

If you like this game, there is a new option to remove all ads for a very small price. Thank you!

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Realms of Idle v0.1.3546 (Android Game)

Realms of Idle is a strategy game for Android by ilMare Games.

Release notes:

Possible crash fix, let me know if you have any problems

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VChar64 v0.2.1.0 (Pandora misc)

VChar64 is an editor for the Commodore 64/128. Ported to Pandora by Canseco.


– Latest stable release. See Changelog.
– Updated sources and added compile/package script.

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Little Jumping Car v1.1 (Android Game)

Little Jumping Car is a little car driving game by Gemini Software Studio with a special twist. High above the ocean there are over 250 secret manic stunt tracks. While clock is ticking, take your little blue jumping car and win them all.

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Mind your own Color v1.0 (Android Game)

Mind your own Color is an Android game by Marian Hotca. Can you sync your mind and eyes with your finger? Do you believe what you read or what you see? This time you have to BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU READ!!

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The Gizzle Wap and the Great Blizzard (19-12-2016) (A2600 Game)

Mountain King updated his new WIP Atari VCS game The Gizzle Wap and the Great Blizzard.

It’s the holidays in Sundra. A great blizzard hit the land suddenly trapping anyone that was unfortunate enough to be caught outside. You play as the Gizzle Wap and the Moum Moum searching the land for survivors. Move the Gizzle Wap left and right and press up to jump. The Moum Moum will follow. Press the fire button to dig in the snow to search.

Listen closely to the Moum Moum. He has a better sense of where a creature might be buried. Dig where he sings. You may have to scan an area more than once to find something. He will not sing if he is standing on the Gizzle Wap or if he is too high in the sky.


1. The Moum Moum actually sings part of Pat a Pan when something is buried in the snow.
2. Fixed a bug where the life bar flips if too much damage is done.
3. The Moum Moum’s life bar flashes yellow correctly when hit by a vortex.
4. You can now dig under a tree to find food, Occasionally you may find something.
5. A Fraze branch will heal the Moum Moum
6. Bacon will heal the Gizzle Wap.

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The Griffon Legend v1.0 (RC1) (Nintendo 3DS Game Port)

The Griffon Legend is an action RPG with screen-to-screen map. It features original storyline and design made in 16-bit style RPG’s of SNES/GENESIS era.

Originally The Griffon Legend was written in FreeBASIC using SDL for graphics and FMOD for sound/music. That restricted the game to be released for Windows only. The Griffon Legend was rewritten in plain C using SDL and SDL_mixer to be ported to GCW-Zero, the source code is licensed under GPL2 license. The port to 3DS by nop90 is based on the GCW-Zero code.

Release notes:

– Fixed crashes
– Fixed the invulnerability bug happening loading a saved game

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City Bomber (19-12-2016) (A2600 Game)

City Bomber is the first bBasic game by dadecoza. The game itself is based on Blitz for the ZX Spectrum. If you want to see more Atari 2600 games from dadecoza it might be a good idea to check out the game and give him feedback now!

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Strange Adventure in Infinite Space v1.5.0.01 (Pandora Game Port)

Strange Adventure in Infinite Space is a game where you need to explore the galaxy in 20 minutes or less. Pandora Port by ptitSeb. This PND doesn’t include the full data, but they can be freely downloaded. You’ll need to extract the data from the Windows or MAC version of the full game.

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SuperMageWorld v1.5.544 (Android Game)

SuperMageWorld is a Jump’n Run game by JacPete.

Help Trisha on her way to defeat the enemies before the kingdom runs out of time. Jump and run through more than 50 levels in 5 different worlds (Jungle World, Castle World, Desert World, Ice World, Ghost World). Face different enemies, boss battles and traps in each world.

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