3D City (21-03-2016) (Master System Game)

3D City is a simple “shoot ’em up” video game originally programmed by StevePro Studios in New Zealand, January 1988. The game was written using BASIC programming language built on the Sega SC-3000. Inspired from previous posts on Sega console programming and z88dk programming setup, 3D City was the impetus to build an 8-bit video game in C / Z80 assembler to target the Sega Master System.

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Data Storm (09-03-2016) (Master System Game)

After four years Haroldo Pinheiro decided to finish up his game Data Storm for the Sega Master System. The game itself is a clone of an Atari 2600 game named Turmoil.

The objective of the game is to zoom up and down the center alley and blast aliens as they streak by. Keep shooting and keep moving to avoid a deadly collision with a speeding alien spacecraft. Data Storm features a variety of speedy aliens which travel back and forth across the screen at their own unique paces. The faster they move, the more points they are worth. All aliens, except for the Prizes, must be shot while your ship is in the center alley.

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Acid Reflux v1.10 (Master System Game)

Acid Reflux can be compared to the still famous endless runner games, but here we have got a “street” and a car. Responsible for this game are furrtek and robotwo. Interesting to mention: The game contains procedural music, varying from very annoying to surprisingly melodic.

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Weka Invaders (24-03-2016) (Master System Game)

Disjointed Studio is kickin’ and alive, presenting Weka Invaders for the Sega Master System. Everything you see is pretty much work in progress. Game mechanics is still incomplete, graphics only partially definitive, music almost completely missing. This is a beta with 8 levels.

In this new adventure, our hero Waimanu should shoot metal blocks and Wekas that might be hiding in them. Some blocks also can hide power-ups which can give Waimanu new features such as temporary multiple-fire or increased speed. Also he can shake the floor he’s on, making all the Weka on them fall under, if he’s got enough ‘shakes’ left (he can find more shakes hidden in blocks). Each and every Weka should be removed before the times runs out.

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MARKanoIIId v0.16 (Master System Game)

MARKanoIIId by sverx, Kagesan and Tomy is currently declared as interactive demo, as it’s not yet a full game, but there is hope it develops into a full nice game. If you are familiar with Breakout and Arkanoid, which most of us are, there is not really a lot to write here.

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CIMMERiAN (27-03-2016) (Master System Game)

CIMMERiAN is a pseudo Barbarian port by ichigobankai featuring three areas, with lots of detail modifications.

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Be No Sqr (Master System Demo)

Be No Sqr is a Demo for Sega Master System by psidum, Sim and Slimeball.

This demo uses tricks not well implemented by emulators. Best viewed on real hardware with CRT. For best emulation results highly recommend using Emulicious, which is very close to hardware.

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Bara Burū (20-03-2016) (Master System Game)

Bara Burū is a Sega Master System game by Kagesan. Seemingly out of the blue, vile sea creatures start attacking peaceful coastal towns, as a strange tower-like structure rises from the icy depths of the ocean. Guide master ninjas Bara and Burū through thirty levels of the mysterious tower and vanquish the evil that dwells within!

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Bomb on Basic City (07-04-2016) (Genesis Game)

French developer Vetea comes up with another project for the Sega Mega Drive. Bomb on Basic City can be played online or locally by downloading it’s ROM. Help Papi Commando bombing down buildings using the gravity or “Tetris” destruction mode.

Bomb On Basic City (Mega Drive Game)

This game is currently in progress, so make sure to keep an eye at it. Regular updates are expected.

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REV’n’GE Issue #52 (misc)

Bored? Need something to read? Maybe even free? What about the latest REV’n’GE? Issue #52 is out!

REV'n'GE #52

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