2 Files removed! (misc)

The first file I had to remove was ‘La PS2’ (PSX2/Demo) because of this e-mail:

Hi i am bigboss of, I see that you have our demo in your web thanks 😉 but we have a problem, La Ps2 TETSUO’s demo is not legal. We have prohibited to this person publish this demo a long time ago, he sent it to ps2dev. and ps2ownz without our authorization (Yogurth and me) we spoke with Z of PS2OWNZ and oobles in ps2dev and they deleted this demo. Please delete the demo. Yogurth coded this demo 1 year ago based in vzzrzzn lib and TETSUO did not make NOTHING!!!!!!!. We don’t want to publish it. Thanks for you help and congratulations for your site

The other file I deleted on request was a GBC/Game.

Beside some file removements, some uploads will follow soon 🙂

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Various and GBA & GP32 Games update! (misc)

Hello everyone!

The first feedbacks so far are really great, and thanks to the ppl who wished me a happy birthday 🙂

Some of you might had problems when using Opera or Netscape, we are working on that problem (Thanks to Simon B for the information). IE and Mozilla should work fine! The additions for today are:

Gameboy Advance Additions
Asteroids GBA by Russ Prince
Astrohawk Advance 28-04-2002 by Paul Lay
Brain N Bells v0.1a by Bruno Vedder
Brain N Bells v0.2b by Bruno Vedder
Brain N Bells v0.3b by Bruno Vedder
Brain N Bells v0.4b by Bruno Vedder
Brain N Bells v0.5b by Bruno Vedder
Brain N Bells v0.6b by Bruno Vedder
Diamond Mine v0.1 by Johnny North
Anarkoid v1.0 by Oscar BraindeaD
Berzerk v1.0 by Oscar BraindeaD

GP32 Additions
GPJewel v0.5 by Valken Lee
GPJewel v0.666 by Valken Lee
GPJewel v0.777 by Valken Lee

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PDROMS relaunched! Welcome! (misc)

Dear Ladies! Dear Gentlemen! 🙂

Most of you might remember that my page (pdroms, aka Kojote’s Homepage) closed down on the 4th December2001. Now I’m proud to announce that pdroms is back today, on the 20th June 2002 (which is also my 22nd birthday 🙂 !

Pdroms still contains only legal images (Freeware) for various systems, such as Gameboy Color&Advance, Wonderswan Color, Playstation, Genesis, Master System, etc… Up to the 4th December I also had computer demos and freeware (Atari ST, Amiga, C64, …), but in my opinion they are still very well supported trough other pages, so I left them out.

During the last weeks, and with the help of a few people, it was possible to re-launch the page. On this place I’d like to say “Welcome & Thank you ” to “Pancid”! He is the new guy here at pdroms, and responsible for the PHP coding only. He did great work, and the scripts will still improve in the future.

Other people who helped with feedback or suggestions were (in no order) Duo, Gollum, fr4nz, Meij, Dox, Clem, Peitschi, Guyfawkes, Space Commader, MK2k, Somnium, Operator, Sjaak, Ph0x, Lai, EmuManiac and everyone I forgot (shame one me :).

The facts so far:
– 745 Images online! (some with picture)
– PHP & SQL inside 🙂
– less colours, I still remember people complained about my design 🙂

Enough written for now! Enjoy the offer, and dont forget to visit EFNET #pdroms from time to time 🙂


[Update 12:00 CEST]
DuoDreamer has released a re-launch GBC intro for PDroms 🙂Click here to Download!!!Thanks man! 🙂

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Re-launch in approx 14 hours! (misc)

Well… the re-launch comes closer and closer. Currently I’m fixing smaller problems, most of the work is allready done! Unfortunatley the transfer of my .com domain isn’t done yet, so I’ll go online with the .de domain!

Thanks to all people who informed me about various page problems yet! I think I don’t have to mention any name, you know who you are! 🙂

Cya all in 14 hours! 🙂

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New PS2 Stuff! (PS2 misc)

Playstation II Additions
PS2 Invaders v1.5 by InPulSe Team
Sound Check by Vzzrzzn

So far the additions! I also changed the HTML Titles, they don’t contain the word “test-page” anymore 🙂

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Master System II Section is up! (Master System misc)

As promised… here is the Sega Master System section! I think I’ll skip the SG-1000 since the demos for that are not that great, and there are only 3 of them 🙁 Now it’s definatley time to turn off the computer 🙂


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Game Gear Section is up! (Game Gear misc)

Dear visitor 🙂

I’m proud to announce that the “Game Gear” Section is up now! Thanks to Zoop for a bunch of demos! A Master System II and a SG-1000 Section will follow soon!

Have a nice day…

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer v1.01 (GBA Game)

I just came across and saw that there was a neat RPG Style game called “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. I tried it and it’s really fun 🙂 Kyp4 and the other guys who developed that game did a good work! The PC Version is included too!

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GP32 Bomber v0.8 (GP32 Game)

Nokturn released GP32 Bomber to the public today. I had the pleasure to test v0.5 a while ago, and this game is worth playing it! Just check it out 🙂,0,0,0,27,781

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10 new GB/C Games added! (GBC misc)

The date of the re-launch comes closer and closer… Here are 10 more Gameboy / Color Games. Have fun…

Gameboy / Color Additions
Alien Planet by Patriek Lesparre
Books of the Bible v1.4 by Danny Newport
Cybersquash by Jordan Tuzsuzov
LCD Game by Dark Fader
Proxima by Alan Obee
Pulsar v1.0 by ph0x
Red Dreams by Arcadiy Gobuzov
Sim Burger King by Joshua Wise
The Horrible Demon IV Beta v0.1 by Bertil Hoerberg
The Princess And The Pauper by Jason Thompson

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