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Dingoo HW MOD – Replacing The Rubber Feet (Dingoo misc)

Re-Attach those rubber feet in a way that they don’t pop out again and get lost!


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Dingoo HW MOD – Heat Spreader (Dingoo misc)

Learn how to make a “simple” cooler for your Dingoo!


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LynGOO (Beta 2) (Atari Lynx emu for Dingoo)

Spiller presents a second beta of his Atari Lynx emulator, LynGOO, for the Dingoo A320.

Release notes:

Includes load/save state functionality and the ability to change the volume and emulator timing from the menu. Should be fairly complete functionality wise. Next up is fixing the timing which will hopefully end the graphical and sound glitches.


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Simple Sound Vorbis (Dingoo misc)

Harteex was working a bit on adapting raw audio buffering for the Dingoo.

Here comes a library and a simple sample how to play Ogg Vorbis Audio files. It plays test.ogg in the same directory as the executable. Exit with Start+Select. Sound is not perfect, because it needs buffering!

This is just a basic sample.


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LynGOO (Beta 1) (Atari Lynx emu for Dingoo)

Spiller presents a first beta of his Atari Lynx emulator, LynGOO, for the Dingoo A320.

Place LynGOO.SIM together with lynxboot.img in your GAME folder and have fun with some LNX files!

This version still contains several glitches and load/save state is not implemented yet. You will have to find your own lynxboot.img as it’s copyrighted!

Discussion: http://boards.dingoonity.org/dingoo-development/lynx-emulator/15/


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This week in Dingoo – Issue 1 (Dingoo misc)

“This week in Dingoo” is a resume of Dingoo news, happened the past week.

Maintainer of this retrospect is Consequence_9, moderator at Dingoonity.

Good luck and let’s see how long you keep this up! 🙂

Please follow the link below for Issue 1 of “This week in Dingoo”.


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MODPlay (18-10-2009) (Dingoo misc)

alekmaul has ported CHN’s MODPlay to the Dingoo (native).

This library is used to play MOD, S3M and XM file formats. It’s only for developers, and not a MOD player with GUI or something similar.

Current features:

* Suports MOD, S3M and XM
* Extendible with more formats
* Very easily portable, compilable and usable in own applications


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Spout v2 (Dingoo Game Port)

Alekmaul has been working on a NATIVE Dingoo port of Spout. No Dingoo Linux (Dingux) is required.

Spout is an rather abstract shooter, hard to describe, just try it on your own.


+ compile without s2dsdk
+ add sound with mod song files


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Snes9x (14-10-2009) (SNES emu for Dingoo Linux)

SNES emulator for Dingux.


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Dingoonity (Dingoo misc)

As a more or less result of the massive loss of information and discussions on the A320 Freeforum boards, here comes Dingoonity.

Dingoonity is a collection of Dingoo-related sites, in one easy to remember location. They have got boards, developer blogs, and a Dingoo wiki.

The design is neat and overall it makes a professional impression.


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