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Dingoo GNUboy (14-11-2009) (GBC emu for Dingoo)

Willems Davy (aka Joyrider) has ported GNUboy, the Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator, to native Dingoo!


This is a fix for memory leaks which caused it to crash on the newest dingoos, those without a paw mark. I added my implementation of Spiller’s great idea for an auto memory reclaim function. /Harteex


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Manic Miner v1.1 (Dingoo Game)

Alekmaul has updated his Manic Miner port. Enjoy 20 levels of pure gaming pleasure. Manic Miner, for those who don’t know, is a rather famous platform game from the ZX Spectrum.


# Change palette brightness
# Fix hang when quit and play again


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Flashing Custom Firmwares to your Dingoo (Dingoo misc)

omgmog wrote a very useful tutorial, with lots of illustrations. If you plan to modify or flash a CFW onto your Dingoo… this is the article to read!


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Chip World WIP (Dingoo Game)

ChipWorld is a clone of the Windows version of Chip’s Challenge for Dingoo A320 native.

The game is currently in development, there is no binary available.


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GooPlayer v1.1 (Dingoo Application)

Harteex released updated his audio player “GooPlayer”. It supports .ogg, .xm, .mod and .s3m.


The new things in this release are support for XM, MOD and S3M formats, some crashes are fixed, you can now seek in the songs (ogg only) and folder support.


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Custom FW v1.20-pof (Dingoo OS)

Here is another custom firmware for the Dingoo by pof!


My modified version of official 1.20 firmware, includes the following:

* Based on official 1.20 firmware (Y/B bug fixed!)
* Supports custom themes (system folder visible)
* Default language set to english
* Megadrive emulator fixed to use the quick double buffer technique
* Added NeoGeo Pocket emulator
* Added Game Boy Color (GBC) emulator
* Overclock apps included (select from 200Mhz to 430Mhz)
* Nice boot & logoff screens
* Fixed typos in english translation
* Default brightness set to 3
* Auto Poweroff set to 1 hour

1. Copy all the contents into the root dir of your dingoo internal UDisk.
2. Switch off your dingoo
3. Press and hold DOWN in the D-PAD
4. Switch on your dingoo, firmware will update. Wait 5 minutes.
5. Reboot your dingoo

I take no responsibility for any conflict, fault, or damage caused to your Dingoo by flashing this unofficial firmware.
Full caution is advise, do not flash if you don’t know what you’re doing. Tested on 3 Dingoos and worked fine on all them.

MD5: 97EFD31822ED155B37D3122EEA98ADA0


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Dingoonity FW v1.2 for Dingoo-A320 (Dingoo OS)

Dingoonity Firmware v1.2 is a custom firmware for the Dingoo-A320. It has been created by omgmog for the community at dingoonity.org, which should not hold you back to try it as it’s downloadable for everyone.


08/november/2009 – First version released

This firmware is a modified version of the 1.2 firmware for the Dingoo. It features fixed/corrected strings for the menu, and custom theme support. Included is the “PSPingoo” theme from http://www.dingoo-digital.com/forums/theming/psdingoo-theme-v1-psp-xmb-theme-dingoo

You should be able to install this by simply putting the a320.hxf file onto the root of your Dingoo’s internal memory, and holding down on the dpad while the Dingoo boots.

If you can’t install using this method because the Dingoo says that you’ve already got this firmware version, you can use this guide to install using the Dingoo Firmware Flasher – http://boards.dingoonity.org/dingoo-hacks/guide-flashing-custom-firmwares-to-your-dingoo/


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LynGOO v1.0 (Atari Lynx emu for Dingoo)

After three beta releases, Spiller presents v1.0 of his Atari Lynx emulator LynGOO. This emulator is written for native Dingoo and does not require any Dingoo Linux (Dingux) install.

Release notes:

LynGOO v1.0

LynGOO is a Dingoo A320 port of Keith Wilkins Atari Lynx emulator Handy. This port is partly based on a PSP port of Handy, Plynx ( http://plynx.dcemu.co.uk ).

Do not ask the author for ROMs. I don’t have them.


Follow these steps to enjoy playing Atari Lynx games on your Dingoo:

1) Get ‘lynxboot.img’ file and download it. Due to licensing restrictions I cannot bundle it with this emulator.
2) Install LynGOO.SIM and lynxboot.img in the GAME folder of your Dingoo.
3) Install your *.LNX files on your Dingoo (for example in GAME/LNX).
4) Select one of the LNX files from the “Interesting game” menu item.

Press SELECT+START to bring up the emulator menu. The volume can be changed in-game by pressing the left and right shoulder buttons.


v1.0 (11 Nov 2009) – Initial release.


Created by Spiller, reachable through the Dingoonity.org forums. Thanks to Flatmush for the stdlib work and to Alekmaul for his sound threading.


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Manic Miner v1.0 (Dingoo Game)

Alekmaul has announced the release of Manic Miner already two days ago ( //news/20699/ ).

Now his port of Andy Noble’s “Manic Miner” game for Dingoo has been released! Enjoy 20 levels of pure gaming pleasure. Manic Miner, for those who don’t know, is a rather famous platform game from the ZX Spectrum.


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Manic Miner WIP (Dingoo Game)

Alekmaul has let me know about the current port situation of his native “Manic Miner” game for Dingoo. The game is based upon “Manic Miner” for PC from Andy Noble.

Alekmaul is still having minor issues with the sound output, once this is fixed, a public release wont be far.

Thanks to Alekmaul himself for the news.


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