Plus4 Emulator for GP32! (GP32 misc)

Just recieved some exclusive news from CHN including a private beta of a Plus4 Emulator for GP32 (the emulator itself is unnamed and unreleased yet!). The emulator works quite well and it’s a bit difficult to handle, but it’s just a question of time until you know how to handle it 🙂 These screenshots were taken in a hurry with GeePee (GP32 Emu) and are copyrighted by Kojote! You are welcome to use them on your site if you give credits and a link. Please do not link the pictures directly from PDroms!!! Okay now to the lines CHN wrote:

Hello,I’m currently working on a portable Commodore Plus/4 emulator for the GP32. It is right now fairly complete – it implements rasterline-basted TED emulation, D64 disk image support, automatic starting of most PRGs off the SMC or a D64 image, full keyboard and Joystick emulation, screen brightness control and sound emulation. The speed is about 80-90% at 133MHz, including sound, but further optimizations will be done. The emulator will be released to the public on my website when the ADIC 2002 competition is over 😉

[Images are not available anymore, lost while converting the PDR database in autum 2007]

[UPDATE] I had to mark the pictures, because somone tooked it without giving credits (You know who you are!). It seems it’s worse to give something away for free without any mark 🙁 Well… in case you need the pictures without pdroms sign, feel free to e-mail me!

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1ooo Images Online – Lets party!!! (misc)

Exactly three months after the reopening of PDroms I am really happy to let you know that since TODAY I can offer you exactly 1ooo images for various systems! I hope you like the big offer, and feel free to send any comments 🙂

The details so far: Arcarde (1 Image), Atari 2600 (8 Images), Atari Lynx (3 Images), Coleco Vision (21 Images), Cybiko (12 Images), Game Gear (7 Images), Gameboy / Color (287 Images), Gameboy Advance (352 Images), Genesis (6 Images), GP32 (77 Images), Intellivision (17 Images), Master System II (17 Images), Neo Geo Pocket / Color (39 Images), NES (49 Images), Nintendo 64 (26 Images), Odyssey 2 (1 Image), PC Engine (9 Images), Playstation (7 Images), Playstation II (29 Images), Pocketstation (1 Image), Sega Saturn (1), SNES (17 Images), Wonderswan / Color (13 Images)

BTW: Image number 1ooo was “Yet another SID Player v1.0 by Denys Bogatz” 🙂

Other updates today:

GPVGB v0.09 by ZardozJ & Tylor (GP32), Gwatman (Beta 1) by Kak (GBA), Robot City v0.21 by Thomas Jentzsch (A2600), The Adventures of Gus And Rob r1&r2 by Mickey McMurray (NGPC)

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Coleco Vision day on PDroms! (Coleco Vision misc)

Today I added following Coleco Vision images to the database:

Bejeweled 12-04-2001 by Daniel Bienvenu
Breakout 02-02-1999 by Daniel Bienvenu
Breakout Paddle Version Demo 12-02-2001 by Daniel Bienvenu
BUSTin-Out Volume 0 18-10-2000 by Daniel Bienvenu
Cosmo Challenge 1997 by Marcel de Kogel
Cosmo Fighter 3 19-08-2001 by Marcel de Kogel
Cosmo Trainer by Marcel de Kogel
Dacman v1.3 by Daniel Bienvenu
Double Breakout BETA 1 Version 17-03-2001 by Daniel Bienvenu
Double Breakout BETA 2 Version 23-03-2001 by Daniel Bienvenu
GamePack 1 28-04-2002 by Daniel Bienvenu
Happy Halloween 26-10-2001 by Daniel Bienvenu
NIM 03-11-2000 by Daniel Bienvenu
Space Invaders Demo v0.1 23-04-2002 by Eduardo Mello

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Jum52 v0.7 (A5200 emu for PS2)

Jum updated his Atari 5200 emulator for Playstation 2. You can get the download from Jum’s page. A windows binary has been released too. The PS2 version will find it’s place in the PS2/Emulator section very soon.

[Update: File is now in it’s section]

By with 0 comments visitor mark crossed! (misc)

I just want to let you know that today, pdroms has been visited more than times since the reopening on the 20th june. I’d like to thank you all for your support! – Kojote

PS. The magic image file mark will be crossed very soon!

By with 0 comments update! (GBA misc) reports about three new GBA projects. Since I do not have the time to post the images right now, please visit to be up to date 🙂 BTW it’s the _best_ place for GBA coding tutorials!

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Database corrections / Filefix (misc)

Holger e-mailed me and Pancid that the GBC Game “Turret Duty” showed an .gif image of the game instead of giving the ZIP file. This problem should be fixed now (thanks for the bug-report). I even added some comments in the database. Last but not least…

I’ve uploaded a new GBA Game called “Pong GBA” – created by Jeferson Rodrigues da Silva (sourcecode included). That’s it so far… Have fun!

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Multi Pong 1k (Updated) (Atari Lynx Game)

The Atari Lynx game “Multi Pong 1k” by Bjoern Spruck recieved an update. It was also entered the at the MiniGame 2002 Coding Competition. You can get the file from the MiniGame 2002 page, or download it in the Atari Lynx/Games section.

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Froggy (1k Frog) (NES Game)

Rob released a 1k NES game called “Froggy” at the MiniGame 2002 Coding Competition. You can get the file from there, or download it in the NES/Games section.

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Robot City v0.21 (A2600 Game)

[Description taken from] Robot City is an 8K unreleased prototype on the Odyssey 2, and Thomas has thus far managed to squeeze it into 2K on the 2600. The premise of the game is very simple: You’re a helicopter in a maze filled with tanks trying to kill you. Of course, you must kill them first with your gun. But the tanks have a shield and can only be disabled when hit in the rear where they are unprotected. Development is continuing rapidly, and this latest version (0.21) has several new features over the earlier version we posted. Improvements and changes include:

Built-in maze generator
Wall density can be changed with left difficulty
Improved fuel display
Hitting tanks from the back is more tolerant
Larger tank missiles
Some minor bugfixes

Thomas is looking for feedback so he can improve the game as he continues to develop it, so please visit Atari Age’s Atari 2600 Forum where you can leave your comments.

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