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Rush Rush Rally Reloaded (Commercial) (DC Game)

Rush Rush Rally Reloaded is a 2D racing game for the SEGA Dreamcast. It is an enhanced version of the acclaimed Rush Rush Rally Racing, requested by fans and produced by Senile Team.


* Three single-player modes
* Three multi-player modes to enjoy with up to four players
* Four difficulty levels
* Five race cars to choose from
* 11 Grand Prix race tracks
* 9 additional multi-player race tracks
* Awesome soundtrack by Black Device
* Autosave to VMU (any port, 3 free blocks required)
* Region free
* Rumble pack (puru puru) support
* Compatible with original Dreamcast pads, arcade stick, and third party controllers
* Supports PAL (50/60 Hz), NTSC and VGA displays
* Configurable controls and many other options
* Animated cut scenes
* online highscores
* Full-colour, 8-page manual
* And even more unlockable content!

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Breakers (Commercial) (DC Game)

Breakers, a Visco game, was released in 1996 on MVS Arcade system. Now it hits the Dreamcast. It’s a fighting game with the possibilities to hit lots of combos. The release will be on a blue PAL case including a manual including five languages. A Japanese/USA version will be released before June 2017.

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Dungeon Ross (DC Game)

Dungeon Ross is a dungeon crawler game for the Sega Dreamcast by Ross Kilgariff and Ally Low!


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In The Line Of Fire (Kickstarter) (Fail) (DC Game)

In The Line Of Fire unfortunately did not made it’s funding. The project can be considered dead for now. If the developers should happen to pick this project up again, we will let you know.

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DreamCrawler (DC Techdemo)

DreamCrawler is a simple third person shooting tech demo for the #dcjam2016. There isn’t much to do beside moving around with the analog stick, pan the camera left and right with the triggers and shoot with the A button. The objective was to check how complicated the Dreamcast is to develop. The source code is fully available.


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Escape 2042 – The Truth Defenders (Kickstarter) (DC Game) (Genesis Game) (GB Game)

Escape 2042 – The Truth Defenders is is a fast paced 2D platformer with 2 mini-games included, running it’s funding campaign at Kickstarter now. What is awesome, it’s not just only one system to get another nice game, but four! Dreamacst, Genesis/Megadrive, Game Boy and Windows!

The main game features security cameras to avoid, firing enemies, grenades to collect, computer “hacking” to open doors or disable laser protection fields, and level card based locked door in the first prison levels. The game will take place in 3 different environments (prison, forest, desert) interspersed with 2 mini-games including a reversed shoot’em up and an original abseiling game.

The project is targeted for the following platforms:
-Gameboy (DMG, Pocket, Color, GBA) cartridge + box with manual
-Megadrive PAL (and Genesis NTSC) cartridge + box with manual
-Dreamcast (Region free, Factory pressed CD)
-Windows (Vote for this game on Steam Greenlight !)
-PC-Engine CD (if the Stretch Goal is met)

Thanks to Vasiliy Sergeevich Rybkin for the news hint!

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Primitive Nightmare (03-04-2016) (DC Game)

Primitive Nightmare incorporates many elements of classic coin-op shooters with some strategic elements added for a unique challenge. Revision 3 is a bug-fixed version with automatic VMU high score saving.


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Matterrun (04-01-2017) (DC Game)

Matterrun by Fuseki is a battle between the player and enemy Seekers, both of whom are racing to find Matter Canisters. The player must find them and dispose of them by returning them to the Disposal Ship, and the Seekers are collecting them to build their Mothership. The player has a few powerups and the Concussion Wave weapon to help them with this task. The Seekers will attempt to steal any Canisters that the player has picked up. If the Mothership is constructed, it’ll hunt the player down ruthlessly and attempt to destroy it. How long can YOU survive? The game features addictive, fast action and automatic VMU high score saving.

Thanks to http://www.dreamcast.es/news.php?readmore=806 for the news.


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In The Line Of Fire (Kickstarter) (Reminder) (DC Game)

In The Line Of Fire will be a brand new first person shooter for the Sega Dreamcast. Assume the role of a SWAT commander and take down the bad guys! The game is currently funding via Kickstarter. We have another 7 days to fund the game, but roughly 13.000 US$ out of 45.000 US$ are reached. If you are really interested in this game, please consider your support.


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Dreamcastnoid (02-01-2017) (DC Game)

Alfons Ryo is the first one this year to present a new and fresh Dreamcast game. Dreamcastnoid has been created using BennuGD. Fight against P$2 with your balls (only a few if is possible).


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