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Openxiles Big Caanoo Review (Caanoo misc)

Nova just finished his Caanoo review. After playing with the console for over a week now, he wrote an interesting review. Follow the link for the full information plug!

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Caanoo vs. Wiz (Caanoo misc)

Flavor compared the Caanoo and Wiz with each other! Go and check the YouTube video 😉

PS: Flavor, instead of brabbling we want to see new homebrew from you 😉

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Caanoo exposed (Caanoo misc)

Following the EvilDragons tradition of exposing devices for the community, he made a bunch of “interna” pictures of the Caanoo!

Follow the link and download the picture pack!

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The Caanoo is here (Caanoo misc)

GPH released their Wiz successor!


CPU ARM9 533MHz + 3D GPU
Display 3.5” LCD 320*240
NAND memory None
External memory SD/SDHC (sold separately)
Fun Factors Vibration Motor / G-Sensor
Dimension 146(w) x 70(h) x 18.5(d)mm
Weight 136g
OS Linux
Game Open Platform
Video MPEG4, Xvid, Divx, Avi
Audio OGG, WAV
E-book TXT
Network Wi-Fi

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