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Termula2x v1.3 (Caanoo Application Port)

Termula2x is a UNIX terminal emulator for the Caanoo, including vi text editor. Recompile for the Caanoo by N8body.,0,0,0,116,470

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BennuGD Runtime (Release 159) (Caanoo misc)

Bennu is a high level open source game development suite which focuses on modularity and portability, making it a perfect choice for cross-platform game development.

Although officialy it is only supported on Windows, Linux and GP2X Wiz (on the right), Bennu can run on multiple other platforms, including *BSD, MacOSX and other consoles such as the Wii, Dingoo A320, GP2X, or the classic Xbox.,0,0,0,19,463

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NeoCD2x (24-08-2010) (NeoGeo emu for Caanoo)

NeoCD2x is a NeoGeo CD emulator for the Caanoo.,0,0,0,71,468

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Cooldown v0.9 (Caanoo Game)

Cooldown is a game in which you need both your brain and your reflexes. Your task is to build pipes to cool down one or more balls which will roll through your cooling pipes.


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Danger Quest – Monster Night v1.2 (Caanoo Game)

Danger Quest: Monster Night is a game by Moo Me? Productions. Your goal is to locate the 10 treasure chests. There is 1 treasure chest hidden on each level. But beware! As you hunt for treasure, a monster hunts you!,0,0,0,35,467

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EEEEK EEEEEK HOOOOOOK (18-08-2010) (Caanoo Game)

EEEEK! EEEEEK! HOOOOOOK!!! (EEH, for short) is a platformer game where you control a monkey that must exit an evil doctor’s lab! Click your way through 8 levels in order to free our monkey friend!


Participant of the BennuGD programming Competition 2010. 1st place. (repacked with Bennu for Caanoo),0,0,0,35,466

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GP2XPectrum v1.9.2 (Spectrum emu for Caanoo)

GP2XPectrum is a Spectrum emulator for the Caanoo.

Source code is here:,0,0,0,46,462,0,0,0,72,461

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BennuGD Runtime (Release 156) (Caanoo misc)

The runtime for BennuGD, a development language for games. Included is the runtime as well as examples.,0,0,0,19,463

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Caanoo Laser Sword (09-08-2010) (Caanoo Techdemo)

“Caanoo Laser Sword” is a small application that use Caanoo G-Sensor by BennuGD.,0,0,0,8,464

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Art Shot (09-08-2010) (Caanoo Game)

Art Shot is a remake of the classic arcade game “Splash”.,0,0,0,27,465

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