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GShot (01-06-2010) (Wiz Application)

GShot is a program which allows you to take snapshots of apps and games while running on the Wiz.,0,0,0,115,417

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ShutdownGUI (31-05-2010) (Wiz Application)

ShutdownGUI is a small application that shuts down the Wiz after a given amount of time.,0,0,0,116,415

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Anataus 4 (28-02-2008) (Wiz Demo Port)

Anataus 4 is the fourth member of the Anataus-series, 3rd at the ABD’97 demo compo. Contains the famous ‘Love boat’ part.,0,0,0,38,412

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MPlayer (23-05-2010) (Wiz Application)

SDL based MPlayer ( ) port for Wiz.,0,0,0,114,413

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Megademo IV 2 (23-05-2010) (Wiz Demo)

Megademo IV 2 is an audiovisual experiment by Artwork.

Quote from

This is a quite unusual “scene” demo. As it is unusual in several aspects. It has a very uncommon style using lots of multilayered effects, nearly no 3d scenes and a it has only a “sound-background” instead of the usual, mostly techno-style demo musics.

The other very unusual aspect is that this demo is 100% system independent, it is portable. This was achieved by programming the demo in 100% ANSI C and using no hardware or OS-specific functions (special interrupts etc.),0,0,0,38,410

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One Day Miracle (23-05-2010) (Wiz Demo)

A Wiz port of the non-interactive demo “One Day Miracle” by Fit.


Sorry about the slow speed and ugly visuals, but this was originally made for a more powerful PC and 32-bit color. I had to water down some parts and convert the effects to 8-bit. Tap screen to exit.,0,0,0,38,411

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Hex Pistols (22-05-2010) (Wiz Demo)

Non-interactive funky demo “Hex Pistols” by Fit. It’s an AGA Amiga demo ported to Wiz.,0,0,0,38,409

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Jenny Thinks (22-05-2010) (Wiz Demo Port)

Jenny Thinks is a demo originally released at Assembly 2004. It was a cooperation between Fit and Bandwagon.

Youtube Video:,0,0,0,38,408

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JNTETRI v0.8.5 (Wiz Game)

JNTETRI by Jan-Nik is a Tetris style game for Wiz.

Video in Action:,0,0,0,25,407

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Planet Hively (21-05-2010) (Wiz Musicdisk Port)

Planet Hively is a musicdisk which has been seen on platforms such as GP2x, Windows, Linux, GP32 and now sees a Wiz release as well.,0,0,0,38,406

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