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Wanna-Be Tempest (WBT) v1.0.5 (Android Game)

Wanna-Be Tempest is a simple, free, clone of the classic 80’s coin-op game. Shoot X’s, pods, and spinners, and fly through space, level to level. You also have a “superzapper”, which is a special weapon that instantly destroys all X’s that are on the board. This zap can be used once per round.

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Fur-Guardians v1.27.2 (Android Game)

Fur-Guardians is an Android game by Pandcorps. Create your own furry character and defend the land of Fur-Gardia in this retro platformer game. Run and jump through different environments to collect gems and defeat monsters from the Realm of Chaos. This game is completely free, with no ads and no in-app purchases. It requires no special permissions.

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Santas Cookies v1.0 (Android Game)

Santa’s Cookies is an Android game by Thunderbyte Games. Rocket ride your way through the magic of winter and help Santa collect as much cookies as possible. Choose between his hardworking elf, loyal reindeer or his friend the snowman and fill up the Christmas presents with a ton of cookies. Collect and shop various power ups to increase your flight time and collect more cookies.

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Brick Shot Ice v1.0.1 (Android Game)

Brick Shot Ice is an endless running game developed by Tengersoft LLC. Throw an ice piece into the empty spaces to break the ice blocks. Let the Ice challenge begin!


Bug Fixes

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int n v1.1.1 (Android Game)

int n is a mathematical puzzle game by Wesley H. Fung. Divide and subtract, crack down tiles, clear the center and win!

Release notes:

If you like this game, there is a new option to remove all ads for a very small price. Thank you!

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Realms of Idle v0.1.3546 (Android Game)

Realms of Idle is a strategy game for Android by ilMare Games.

Release notes:

Possible crash fix, let me know if you have any problems

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Little Jumping Car v1.1 (Android Game)

Little Jumping Car is a little car driving game by Gemini Software Studio with a special twist. High above the ocean there are over 250 secret manic stunt tracks. While clock is ticking, take your little blue jumping car and win them all.

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Mind your own Color v1.0 (Android Game)

Mind your own Color is an Android game by Marian Hotca. Can you sync your mind and eyes with your finger? Do you believe what you read or what you see? This time you have to BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU READ!!

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SuperMageWorld v1.5.544 (Android Game)

SuperMageWorld is a Jump’n Run game by JacPete.

Help Trisha on her way to defeat the enemies before the kingdom runs out of time. Jump and run through more than 50 levels in 5 different worlds (Jungle World, Castle World, Desert World, Ice World, Ghost World). Face different enemies, boss battles and traps in each world.

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Space Shooter v1.1 (Android Game)

Space Shooter by Sandip Bhattacharya is a Shoot’em Up game for Android.


– Starts fast, lightweight
– Beautiful graphics
– 10 exciting levels with increasing difficulty for everyone to enjoy from beginners to expert
– Unlimited shooting
– 10 different enemy types
– Simple yet it’s surprisingly challenging game
– Thrilling fun for you and your friends
– Saves your Highest Score
– Absolutely free!

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