Deflektor v1.0 (Genesis Game)

alekmaul remade the puzzle game Deflektor for the Sega Genesis / Sega Mega Drive. Read more about the game here on Wikipedia.

The player has to rotate mirrors to deflect a beam in order to destroy all the cells of each level. There are also other devices the player has to be careful not to touch with the beam for too much time because otherwise the system will overload.

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Tomb Gator v3 (WIP) (NES Game)

Tomb Gator by Christopher Addolorato is yet another NES game in development using the fabulous NESmaker. Collect coins but don’t forget to jump too 😉

Tomb Gator Gameplay V3
Watch this video on YouTube.

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PSn00bSDK is an open-source PS1 SDK project that aims to be as close to the official SDK as possible.

PSn00bSDK is a 100% free and open source SDK for developing homebrew games and applications for the original Sony PlayStation. The SDK consists mainly of libraries and some tools for converting and building resources to be used on the console.

While PSn00bSDK is currently a work in progress the project aims to develop an SDK that is as close to the official Sony SDK as possiblein in terms of supported hardware features which include GPU, GTE, SPU, CD, MDEC and controller/memory card peripherals and a library API written to follow the official SDK’s API syntax. With extensive low-level technical documentation of the PSX readily available (such as nocash’s PSX specs) there should be no excuse to not have full support of the aforementioned hardware features.

The PSn00bSDK libraries are written mostly in MIPS assembly language with compiler generated code limited to small and moderately sized support functions for best possible performance and to keep the runtime library footprint as small as possible. Many of the library functions avoid using BIOS calls such as C string and memory manipulation functions and use pure assembly equivalents for improved performance for memory and string manipulation operations.

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Relic Hunter v2019.06.03 (WIP) (NES Game)

Relic Hunter is a NESmaker game currently being in development.

Relic Hunter - Up to World 2 gameplay
Watch this video on YouTube.

Current notes:

Some progress of Relic Hunter so far. I’d like to flesh out some of the stages some more, and it still needs some polish, but it’s a W.I.P.

Objective is pretty simple: collect all the gems and defeat at least one monster. There are energy powerups available to take them all down if you want the points, but you better not miss or you may not be able to reach further platforms!

And yes, those frogs really did kick my ass. I was going to make an excuse about me dying on purpose to show you the checkpoints work, but you deserve better than that. They owned me hard.

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Crypt of Dracula v2019.06.01 (WIP) (Genesis Game)

Matteusbeus presents an character update for Crypt of Dracula for the Sega Genesis / Sega Mega Drive.

Crypt of Dracula | Sega Genesis | Sega Mega Drive | Frankenstein
Watch this video on YouTube.

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Mega Wing v2019.06.02 (WIP) (Genesis Game)

Mikael Tillander, author of Tänzer, has another Genesis Project in the pipe. If you like vertical 2D shooters with plenty of bullets and big bosses, you will be pleased to learn about Mega Wing.

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Taco v2019.06.02 (WIP) (SNES Game)

Taco for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System / Super Famicom currently gets a level selector.

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Ghost Rally v2019.06.02 (PICO-8 Game)

Ghost Rally by Frederic Souchu (freds72) is a race-against-yourself rally game. It features accurate rigid body physics and car handling. Goal is to beat yourself every lap!

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MegaXor v0.2 (Genesis Game)

MegaXor is a remake of Xor for the Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis by Ross Gouldthorpe (thegouldfish). It currently features the first four levels.


* 4th level and bombs added.

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The Curse of Illmoore Bay v2019.06.01 (WIP) (Genesis Game)

The Curse of Illmoore Bay by Second Dimension has another new public ingame screenshot, which we wont hold back 🙂

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