Flappy v11 RC2 (A2600 Game)

Flappy, a Flappy Bird style game, for Atari VCS has been updated.


* Changes in “random” for the pipe.


Watch this video on YouTube.

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Double Action Blaster Guys (06-05-2014) (NES Game)

Double Action Blaster Guys by NovaSquirrel is a single player action game but also allows two simultaneous players. DABG for the Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom is a sequel to “Forehead Block Guy“.

NovaSquirrel provided the following updates on his game:

*Changed to NROM-256 with CHR RAM, decompressed at the start before the title
*Revamped menu system (and the editor asks for confirmation to quit now)
*Versus modes with powerups
*More levels to use new blocks and enemies
*Levels can scroll
*New blocks: Bombs that go off every 4 seconds, tiles and platforms that toggle between solid or not every 4 seconds, switch to instantly toggle all toggleable blocks, moving springs and moving hazards, teleporters, insta-kill spikes, tiles that cause a bomb to drop above you when you walk through them
*New enemies: rolling and jumpy balls, enemies that shoot aimed at the player, Thwomp clones, a flapping owl, a potion and an enemy that continually shoots right
*Various bugfixes and minor changes

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Cheesetoe (Revision 2014) (GC Game)

Cheesetoe by RbR and Skomp is a GameCube game released at Revision 2014. Try to score by closing boxes on the grid. You can either set a side, shift a row/column or throw a bomb per turn. The powerups are located on the grid and you can get them by closing a box at their position. The game is over when every box on the grid has been closed. Be careful: if you still have bombs left when the game ends, you’ll loose points!

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Sqrxz 4 – Cold Cash v1.00 (DC, Wiz, GP2x, Caanoo, PSP, GCW Zero, Pandora, Symbian OS Game)

The fourth installment of Sqrxz has been released. Sqrxz 4 – Cold Cash has been released to the public on 20th April for plenty of systems, such as Windows (32-Bit), Linux (32-Bit, 64-Bit), Wiz, PSP, MotoMagx, Dreamcast, GCW Zero, MacOS X (32-Bit, 64-Bit) / Intel, Amiga OS4, MorphOS, Symbian OS Series 60, Symbian OS UIQ3, Raspberry Pi, Caanoo, GP2x and OpenPandora.

Sqrxz 4 – Cold Cash | by Retroguru (Official Trailer)

Watch this video on YouTube.

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Pixel Defense v1.0.0 (Android Game)

Pixel Defense is basically a non-standard tower defense game. Your goal is to kill all lines appearing on each levels. You have to apply the color to color principle in the game and also look for the fading time!

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Bucket (03-01-2012) (SNES Game)

In Bucket by Sebastian Mihai you control Hugz the polar bear, who must deliver buckets to the angry walruses roaming about. Pick up buckets with the A button and place them on the ground with the B button, so that walruses walk into them. But be careful – if you get hit by a walrus, you have to start over! Once a walrus reaches a bucket, it becomes pacified and disappears.

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Balanced Diet (31-12-2011) (GBA Game)

A Balanced Diet is pretty important to keep your health. Sebastian Mihai is the author of this little Game Boy Advance homebrew game.

Depending on what you eat, the following happen:

* four of a kind – eating four unhealthy or bland foods will greatly shift the balance toward the respective extreme (8x score bonus)
* three of a kind – eating three unhealthy or bland foods will shift the balance toward the respective extreme (4x score bonus)
* balanced (two unhealthy, two bland) – eating two unhealthy and two bland foods will shift the balance either way, randomly determined (no score bonus)

Balanced Diet (GameBoy Advance homebrew)

Watch this video on YouTube.

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Snappy (15-01-2012) (A2600 Game)

The goal in Snappy by Sebastian Mihai is to get as many men across Snappy’s pit as possible. Each game starts with ten men, and each of them gets parachuted at a random spot, so you have to time your jumps well. Only one button is used – fire. It will start a new game when on the menu screen, and it will cause a man to start running, trying to make it across the pit.

Snappy (Atari 2600 homebrew)

Watch this video on YouTube.
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Crazy Desk v1.01.023 (Android Game)

Crazy Desk by Shortcutbox is a physics-basedboard game for all ages. Your goal is to touch the green chips and avoid the bombs. Harness your brain to beat all amazing levels.


– no changelog found

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ZXDS v1.2.0 (Spectrum emu for NDS)

ZXDS is an emulator of Sinclair ZX Spectrum for Nintendo DS, written by Patrik Rak. It is steadily reaching a mature stage of development, and it already has some noteworthy features, like accurate emulation of Spectrum 48k, 128k and Pentagon models (including sound), or support for TAP/TZX/PZX tape files, TRD/SCL disk files and RZX playback files.


ZXDS 1.2.0 (19.2.2014)

+ Proper Spectrum +2/+2A/+3 emulation, including contention and everything.
+ Support for +3DOS 3″ DSK/EDSK disks, including autoboot and disk browser.
+ TR-DOS formatting now also works for all possible disk format types.
+ File and directory name filtering is now available in file requester.
+ All keyboard keys are now sticky whenever the emulation is paused.
* In load requester, L/R+Y now shows the other medium than Y does.
* Button input in file viewer can be now toggled with icon or L/R+X and Pause.
* Full size TR-DOS disks are now always treated as double track and double sided.
* Alternate save/load directories now work better and even with filter enabled.
* Various internal changes (ROM deltas, SZX +3DOS support, plus model stats, media icon).
* Minor bugfixes (FTP files caching, hex decoding, TR-DOS BASIC start line).

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