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Beebold! v1.1.1 (PICO-8 Game)

Beebold! is a PICO-8 game by mischievess. You’re a kobold who’s collecting bees for her beehive. Unfortunately, there’s a Critter wandering the field, and Critters love bees. If the Critter catches you, it’ll eat all the bees you’re carrying, so you have to be careful.

Critters love cookies more than they love bees, though, and as luck would have it, you’re carrying a couple. If you get in trouble, you can distract the Critter so you can get away safely with your bees. Beware, though – the more bees you have in your hive, the more desperate the Critter will get…

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Fruit Thieves (PICO-8 Game)

Fruit Thieves is a PICO-8 game by egordorichev. Defend your garden against fruit thieves in this fun mix of tower defense and clicker genres. How far can you get? The game features multiple enemies, many worlds, a boss and cool towers, as well as awesome 8-bit graphics!

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The Lost Strawberry X-Mas Edition (PICO-8 Game)

The Lost Strawberry X-Mas Edition is a PICO-8 game by egordorichev. You are a guy, who found his self in a mysterious, strange world. You try to get back to your world, but who knows, what will stop you in your way…

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De Pizza Hunt (PICO-8 Game)

De Pizza Hunt is a PICO-8 game by egordorichev. You are a guy, who loves pizza. And you want to make as many of them, as you can. So you travel to get all the ingredients for it. But you need to be quick, as a laser wants to make a pizza from you!

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Super Loot Bros (PICO-8 Game)

Super Loot Bros is a PICO-8 game by egordorichev. Recruit your troops, and face the world full of monsters and treasure. Explore 5 different worlds, unlock different classes and find out the secret of your troops. Was first developed for the Meta Game Jam. Might get extra updates later on.

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The Ballz Are Lava (PICO-8 Game)

The Ballz Are Lava is a PICO-8 game by LiquidreamUK. Nobody knows why – it’s just always been this way. Our chance of survival is to absorb all the Green Orbs floating around, while avoiding certain death by touching the Lava ballz… all before the time runs out!

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Pong Pounce (PICO-8 Game)

Pong Pounce is a PICO-8 game by bunnyhero. You’re a cat, trying to catch as many ping pong balls as you can in 60 seconds!

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Dig Down & Up Stream (PICO-8 Game)

Dig Down & Up Stream is PICO-8 multicart of two games created during Train Jam 2018 by the Sunset Riders (Renaud Bédard, Kyle Olson, Tony ‘Fáyer’ Uribe and João Brant) with music by Elie Abraham.

Select the game with up and down, then hit X to launch it.
Up Stream : left and right to navigate through the river.
Dig Down : left, right, up to move and down to dig.

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Cat Bandit v2018.03.12 (PICO-8 Game)

Slugs have stolen the world’s supply of shiny diamonds! It’s time for our hero Cat Bandit to take them back. Break into every last room of Slug Bank, and steal the diamonds back! Do you have what it takes to become a world-class thief?

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Spook and Thunder v1.0 (PICO-8 Game)

Spook and Thunder is a PICO-8 game by malubis. The game itself is a top down shooter with an creepy and ambient atmosphere.

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