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Yarn Ball (GB Game)

Yarn Ball is a game by Patrick Rodriguez/Patchwork Games.

Yarn Ball (Game Boy)

In Yarn Ball, you play as a ball of yarn traversing a series of mazes and caverns. You only have a limited amount of yarn to roll around with, so you must find rewind points along the way to wind back up and keep going. You can also find extra bits of yarn that can extend your reach! You never know what awaits you!

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GB SFX Generator (GB misc)

GB SFX Generator by Patchwork Games is a small tool for creating authentic Game Boy sound effects. It was created using the Game Boy Development Kit, and takes advantage of the Game Boy sound chip to make all kinds of bleeps and bloops for you to use in your own (non-Game Boy) games.

GB SFX Generator (Game Boy)

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Ichi Ni San (GB Game)

Ichi Ni San by Quang Nguyen is a a Nintendo Gameboy auto-running platformer with vague instructions. Giving you a mish mash of old and new styles. Make it through the increasingly difficult levels of pixel perfect jumping.

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Happy Hedgehog v0.1 (GB Game)

Happy Hedgehog by Patchwork Games is a hedgehog pet simulator for the original Game Boy that was developed for Porpentine’s Pet Jam. It was written in C using the Game Boy Development Kit. The game is currently in Beta, but new features will be added regularly until the final release.

Happy Hedgehog (Game Boy)

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DrawCircles (GB misc)

DrawCircles by DeltaGardener is an abstract art program for Game Boy. If the Game Crashes, You win!

DrawCircles (Game Boy)

* D-Pad to Move Cursor
* A Button to DrawCircle
* B Button to EraseCircle

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Serpedelic (GB misc)

Serpedelic by DeltaGardner is a “glitchy abstract Game Boy game thing” where you have to eat dots. Once you refuse to eat, the game resets.

Serpedelic (Game Boy)

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Downstream (GB misc)

Downstream by DeltaGardner is an art program and interactive musical work for Game Boy. It can be loaded onto a flashcart or played on a GB/GBA emulator.

Downstream (GB)

You are floating downstream. The waters rush around you. You are lost.

* A+B Buttons to Resist the Flow
* D-Pad to Change Course

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Petite Professional GB (GB JAM 2015) (GB Game)

Petite Professional GB is a Game Boy game by OhCarson, entered into the GB JAM 2015.

Detective Daruma is in the fight of his life! The evil Corpseman has confronted Detective Daruma with the only thing bad enough to take him down. Himself! Armed with his trusty revolver, Detective Daruma has the edge on the countless unarmed evil clones. Aim for the top score, be the top player on the playground!

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The Bouncing Ball (17-08-2015) (GB Game)

Real Game Boy games are a challenge to code, not only you have to deal with restriction such as low CPU power, also the limited color scale (if you can talk about colors at these grey scales at all) is distracting new coders to get familiar with this system.

HuCABBAGE is one of the newer homebrew coders who picked up the challenge and the result is The Bouncing Ball, initially released for the GB Jam 4.

Guide your bouncing balls around obstacles or try to avoid them at all. There are really plenty of levels, which makes this game outstanding.

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Gunman Clive (GB Game Demo)

Gunman Clive is a game by Bertil Hörberg which is available for money on Nintendo Wii U,
Nintendo 3DS, Steam, iOS and Android. To possibly promote these systems Bertil goes a few steps back, especially into a time, when he was famous for Game Boy homebrew and releases a playable one level demo of Gunman Clive for the Game Boy itself! Too bad it only got one level… but who knows, maybe the game could grow into something larger?

Gunman Clive (Game Boy)

Thanks to ph0x for the news!

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