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The Bouncing Ball (17-08-2015) (GB Game)

Real Game Boy games are a challenge to code, not only you have to deal with restriction such as low CPU power, also the limited color scale (if you can talk about colors at these grey scales at all) is distracting new coders to get familiar with this system.

HuCABBAGE is one of the newer homebrew coders who picked up the challenge and the result is The Bouncing Ball, initially released for the GB Jam 4.

Guide your bouncing balls around obstacles or try to avoid them at all. There are really plenty of levels, which makes this game outstanding.

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Gunman Clive (GB Game Demo)

Gunman Clive is a game by Bertil Hörberg which is available for money on Nintendo Wii U,
Nintendo 3DS, Steam, iOS and Android. To possibly promote these systems Bertil goes a few steps back, especially into a time, when he was famous for Game Boy homebrew and releases a playable one level demo of Gunman Clive for the Game Boy itself! Too bad it only got one level… but who knows, maybe the game could grow into something larger?

Gunman Clive (Game Boy)

Thanks to ph0x for the news!

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Last Crown (26-07-2015) (GB Game)

Last Crown by Light Games is an entry to the BITBIT Jam 2015 coding competition.

Last Crown (Game Boy)

You’re the last soldier of your army and you must defeat the evil army of Ffohlessah. With your marvellous valirian sword, you have to recover the crown to conquer the earth.

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Is That a Demo in Your Pocket? (GB Demo)

Is That a Demo in Your Pocket? Yes, sure it is… and it’s Snorpung‘s fault 🙂

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It Came From Planet Zilog (GBC Demo)

Phantasy are back from the dead with the amazing Game Boy Color demo It Came from Planet Zilog. Released yesterday at Revision 2015 in Saarbrücken/Germany.

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Chord v1.0.4 (GB Application)

Chord is a monophonic synth program for the original Nintendo Game Boy. The idea was to make something that can be played like an instrument, but with the limitations of the few buttons available. No extra accessories. No midi keyboards.

You build “chords” of five notes and play them back using the pulsewave channel, with full sound register settings control and optional arpeggiator.

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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 v0.8.2 (Non Public) (GBC Game)

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 is a 8-bit demake of Mortal Kombat 3 for the Game Boy Color by PSC. MK3 has been seen for plenty platforms and systems, but never for the GBC until now! Actually until now is also not 100% correct as the game is currently still in private Beta. The project is non commercial and non profit. There is no release yet, but plenty of pictures and videos.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Game Boy Color) with commentary.
Watch this video on YouTube.

For those of you who are deeper into Game Boy Color:

-- It’s dual-compatible
-- Runs around 60 fps
-- Supports Super GB 2-player
-- Many of the animations have the same number of frames as the Arcade version!
-- Uses virtually all of the known hardware tricks: 40+ sprites, LYC parallax scrolling, animated backgrounds, flicker effects, background tiles as “sprites” (this is how Scorpion’s spear and SubZero’s ice blast don’t flicker, as well as the large blood splash), multiple OAM buffers, etc.

Thanks to PSC himself the head ups via e-mail!

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Turtle Puzzle (10-07-2014) (GBC Game)

Turtle Puzzle by UraKn0x is an algorithmic game based on Robozzle. Program your robot using the given instructions to collect dots.

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SHMUP (10-07-2014) (GB Game)

SHMUP is an unfinished SHMUP game by Kresna. As of now you can move up and down and shoot, but there are no enemies.

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Steins Gate v0.40 (GB Game)

Steins Gate is a clone/remake of the 8-bit sequel to the Steins Gate anime/visual novel. Coded by calc84maniac. Even though it’s a non-canon spin-off, it does contain major spoilers for the original Steins Gate story. It might not make sense unless you’ve watched/played Steins Gate.

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