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gbdev Gameboy Coding Compo 2014 (GB misc)

Sanqui organizes a Gameboy Coding Competition. You can read details by following the official announcement.

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Espionage (Gameboy Game)

You should never give up hope, people say. So you should think about the Gameboy scene. Fredrik Brundin and Dominic Buchholz present a brand new GB game in 2013! In Espionage you have to infiltrate an enemy base and gather as much data as you can.

Thanks to Frederik himself for the news!

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Merry Christmas 2012 (GBC misc)

Merry Christmas by ASM Retro Blog, Nordleof and Chris / Ultramega are Christmas greetings released in December 2012. Unfortunately this totally slipped under my radar…

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DMG*P-01 (GB Demo)

At the recently held Datastorm 2013 demoparty, Genesis Project released a short but fine Gameboy classic demo named DMG*P-01. The music could have need a bit more pressure, but is okay overall. Two nice graphics are shown, which should at least convince you to spend time with the YouTube video.

DMG*P-01 by Genesis Project (Gameboy demo)
Watch this video on YouTube.

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Rez (11-12-2012) (GB Application)

Rez is a unique synthesizer program for the Nintendo Gameboy by nitro2k01. It crudely simulates a resonant filter in a way inspired by the resonance algorithm used by the Casio CZ series phase distortion synthesis. It can both produce sounds meant to emulate this effect, and sounds more reminiscent of a hard sync oscillator. It also produces a graphical pattern on the Gameboy screen.

Source via NESdev.

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Demon Blood (GB Demo)

Demon Blood by Youth Uprising is an invitation intro for @party 2012, released at Pixel Jam 2012.

Demon Blood by Youth Uprising
Watch this video on YouTube.

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Cenotaph (GBC Demo)

Cenotaph by DCS is a Revision 2012 demo, ranked #4 in the oldskool demo competition.

Cenotaph by Dual Crew and Shining
Watch this video on YouTube.

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Gejmbaj (GB Demo)

Snorpung, known from his previous Gameboy Classic Demos “20 Years” and “Oh!”, has released another Demo named “Gejmbaj”. Gameboy Classic Power in 2010!

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XPMCK (15-02-2010) (GBC misc)

XPMCK is a music (expressed in MML) compiler kit targeted towards various video game systems. It currently supports the following systems:

Capcom Play System (VGM output only)
Commodore 64
MSX (KSS output only)
Nintendo Gameboy / Gameboy Color
SEGA Master System
SEGA Game Gear
SEGA Genesis

Besides the compiler and its source code, the kit includes playback libraries for all supported systems, as well as examples and brief documentation.


* Added a transpose command.
* Added support for per-note macros.
* Fixed a bug in the handling of [] loops in the Gameboy and C64 playback libraries.
* Fixed a bug that would occur when the initial delay in an @MP macro was zero.
* Fixed some bugs in the compiler which would result in some AY-specific commands being ignored when outputting for the Amstrad CPC.
* Step values for intervals are now automatically given the correct sign by the compiler.

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Pixelh8 Music Tech v2.0 (GBC misc)

The Original Pixelh8 Music Tech Game Boy Synthesizer is software that runs on an unmodified Game Boy or Game Boy Advance, enabling you to be able to control the game boys on board sound. You can edit the wave duty, pitch sweep and volume envelope as well as new additions such as unison, 5th power chords and octaves, turning the Game Boy into a real time instrument.

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