Game Boy (Color) News
Deck Bouncer v2018.07.29 (Game Boy Game)

Deck Bouncer is a Game Boy game by Fronze where you need to get to the end using only the cards you have available.

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Shield Bouncer v2018.07.29 (Game Boy Game)

Shield Bouncer is a Game Boy game by Zalo. Goal is to use a shield and hit the ball with it, so the ball bounces to the goal.

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Boun-Ma-Ze v2018.07.30 (Game Boy Game)

Boun-Ma-Ze is a fresh Game Boy game by deebrol. Reach the end of the labyrinth and don’t stop bouncing or you can’t move anymore. Avoid enemies by jumping higher and higher. Remember: bounce, bounce, bounce!

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Axebound v2018.07.29 (Game Boy Game)

Axebound is an unfinished Game Boy game by Maikel Ortega about throwing axes. The game is powered by ZGB and GBDK.

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Upwell v2018.07.29 (Game Boy Game)

Upwell is a Game Boy game by Tatos, inspired by Moppin’s Downwell. D-pad: movement, Button A: Jump/Shoot!

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Dungeon Ball v2018.07.30 (Game Boy Game)

Dungeon Ball is a brand new Game Boy game made by sergeoo. Push the ball right or left to take it to the goal in every level. This game is still in development.

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Into The Blue v2018.06.24 (Game Boy Game)

Jonas Fischbach of Retroid fame released another Game Boy Color homebrew pearl named Into the Blue. You have a vertical play field with panels raising from the bottom. The panels can be rearranged and will disappear if three (or more) matching panels are lined up in a horizontal or vertical row. The game is over if a panel touches the upper border of the play field.

This game is inspired by a Sega Genesis title named Megapanel, which is is widely forgotten today – probably because it was only released in Japan.

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Cheril Perils v2018.06.20 (WIP) (Game Boy Game)

The Mojon Twins‘s game Cheril Perils will hit the Game Boy in the hopefulyl not too distant future! The game is being rewritten for Nintendo’s Game Boy by budgames. There can never be enough Jump’n’Run games 🙂

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Ninja Savior (WIP) (Game Boy Game)

The MSX game Ninja Savior is getting a Game Boy release by Jon Cortazar. Pure Assembler and a 32k ROM did the job – there seems to be no official release yet. We very much look forward to it!

About the game:

There is an ancient tale about the old and peaceful village of Usuki in Japan. One terrible night, the town was attacked by deadly ghosts and monsters. To defeat them all and bring peace again, the Ninja Savior was summoned for him to defeat the evil forces and save the village from destruction.

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#GBJAM 2018 (Game Boy misc)

#GBAJAM 2018 – it’s time to create a GameBoy styled game! Although we are sure they wont mind real Game Boy entries as well 🙂 Get your fingers moving!

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