Kartofel v1.20.0 (Symbian OS v3 Game Port)

Kartofel is a game of skill and logic. The objective is to connect the numbered dots in order, without crossing over yourself. Ported to Symbian OS v3 by AnotherGuest.

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Race Into Space v1.10.0 (Symbian OS v3 Game Port)

Race Into Space is the free software version of Interplay’s Buzz Aldrin’s Race into Space. This is the reworked version following the source release for the computer version of the Liftoff! board game by Fritz Bronner. This was developed by Strategic Visions and published by Interplay as a disk-based game in 1992 and a CD-ROM in 1994. Ported to Symbian OS v3 by AnotherGuest.

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MilkyTracker v0.90.85 (Symbian OS v3 Application Port)

MilkyTracker is an open source, multi-platform music application for creating .MOD and .XM module files. It attempts to recreate the module replay and user experience of the popular DOS program Fasttracker II, with special playback modes available for improved Amiga ProTracker 2/3 compatibility. Ported to Symbian OS v3 by AnotherGuest.

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InterLOGIC v1.00.0 (Symbain OS v3 Game Port)

InterLOGIC is based on the old Amiga logic game “Balls”. The object of the game is to move balls of different colors through a maze, connecting them with other balls of the same color. Two or more connected balls of the same color will disappear. The aim of the game is to clean the whole maze in this way. The balls are connected if they are right next to each other horizontally or vertically, but not diagonally. The current release contains 30 mind-breaking levels for you to solve. Ported to Symbian OS v3 by AnotherGuest.

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Unreal Speccy Portable v0.0.52 (Spectrum emu for Symbian OS v3)

Symbian OS v3 port of UnrealSpeccy by SMT an ZX Spectrum emulator. It supports Z80 128K (Pentagon) AY/YM, Beeper, Beta Disk, Tape, Kempston Joystick/Mouse, Snapshots. Supported formats: sna, z80, tap, tzx, csw, trd, scl, fdi, zip.

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Backup Saved Games (BGS) v0.2.2.1 (Pandora Application)

Backup Saved Games (BGS) by ekianjo is a small application which will check the presence of saved games for a number of set emulators and native games, and save them all together for you, automatically, in a single-file archive on your SD Card.


#0.2.2 released October 12 2013 : support for many other games added + various fixes in the code.

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OpenXcom v0.9.0.18 (Pandora misc Port)

OpenXcom is an open-source remake of the popular UFO: Enemy Unknown (X-Com: UFO Defense in USA) videogame by Microprose, licensed under the GPL and written in C++ / SDL. Ported to Pandora by Canseco.

How to install:

* Need Timidity Midi Installer.
* Need original data files for Xcom Enemy Unknown or Xcom Ufo defense.
* Data folder: appdata/openxcom/share/openxcom/data
* First execution ask for password to copy /etc/timidity/timidity.cfg to /etc or game will not start.
* More info:


– Last git upstream fixes and new features.

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Muncher (03-09-2013) (Final) (A2600 Game)

Since Wickeycolumbus sold all copies of Muncher he decided to release the final ROM to the public. You play as a yellow square and your goal is to “eat” the red squares while avoiding aliens.

Releasing the ROM of a commercial/limited edition cart release once everything is sold out is a smart move other developers should be thinking about 🙂

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Jump! Jump! (11-10-2013) (A2600 Game)

Rabbit 2600 has released his first Jump’n’Run game for the Atari 2600 named Jump! Jump!. It features 15 different screens that are randomly chosen. Use the joystick to move left and right and press the button to jump. Get points by completing a screen. Jump to avoid the fireballs!

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Tumulus (r23) (A2600 Game)

In Tumulus by yllawwally you are an adventurer, out to stop the fiends coming from Tumulus. This game is inspired by Golden Axe.

Release notes:

Primarily bug fixes. Screen no longer adds extra line if touching an enemy or for moving left and swinging sword. Having trouble finding the cycles to do hit calcs, with the boss stuff added in. I think I can optimize a little more. Will need to move around all Enemies. Added the ability to actually specify each enemie’s life. Before it was based on enemy number, which is why it took too many hits to kill will o wisp.

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