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Hexen II – Hammer of Thyrion v1.4.4 (Pandora misc)

The Hammer of Thyrion project is a cross-platform source port, to bring Hexen II to various platforms.,0,0,0,30,66

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IOquake2 (22-05-2010) (Pandora misc)

IOquake2 is an engine to play Quake 2. It uses NanoGL and SW SDL for rendering.,0,0,0,30,64

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IOquake3 (22-05-2010) (Pandora misc)

IOquake3 is an engine to play Quake III. Original data files are required and are not supplied. More instructions come with the readme.txt.,0,0,0,30,65

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Hatari v1.3.1 PND (Atari ST emu for Pandora)

Hatari is a very good emulator for ST and related machines (TT030, Falcon, etc, though ST support is its focus.) This is a full port of the emu, including hard drive support, etc.,0,0,0,72,61

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Kronos (Alpha) (Pandora misc)

Kronos is a Magnetic Scrolls, Infocom / ZMachine and Scott Adams Interpreter.

Currently supported are Magnetic Scrolls games, though Infocom and Scott Adams (and others) will be supported soon.

Currently features are limited (you can play the games, save, etc, but nothing fancy), but will be adding automapper, touchscreen support for word picking, and other conveniences.,0,0,0,26,62

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Snes9x4D4P (21-05-2010) (SNES emu for Pandora)

Snes9x4D4P is a port of Dingoo SNES9x to Pandora. This is probably a shoddy port, but it runs Killer Instinct, Yoshi’s Island, etc, at full speed.,0,0,0,71,63

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DOSBox v0.74 (DOS emu for Pandora)

DOSBox is a DOS-emulator. Now also out for the upcomming Pandora!,0,0,0,72,54

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Gianas Return v0.99.7 (Pandora Game)

Giana’s Return aims to be a worthy UNOFFICIAL sequel of the alltime classic “The Great Giana Sisters”.


* Power Ups and Extras
* Oldschool style pixeled sprites and tiles
* Wonderful hand drawn backgrounds
* Illustrated hand drawn storyline
* Over 18 Tracks of finest chip music!
* Multi-Language: German, English, French, Spanish
* Password and/or save game (depending on release platform)
* Hidden Warp Zones and Bonus Caves
* Hidden Trainer
* TOP 10 Highscore

Release notes:

Gianas Return v0.997 – Pandora IS OUT! Please check the download section!Thanks to Pickle for his porting efforts!

Giana’s Return is available in the flavors Windows, GP2x, Wiz, GP32, Dingux, Ubuntu, Mac OSX and Dreamcast

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CGenius v0.3.2.1 (12-05-2010) (Pandora misc)

Commander Genius aka CloneKeenPlus is an engine which interprets Commander Keen 1-3 (Vorticons Series). Of course you would require the original dataflies of the game, which are not supplied with this pack.

The package obviously had a re-upload, version number stays as is.,0,0,0,35,50

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Pandora Panic (Release 1) (Pandora Games)

PandoraPanic is a mini-game compilation, which is a collaborative project from the GP32X and OpenPandora communities.,0,0,0,27,59

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