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REminiscence PSP (30-07-2011) (PSP misc)

REminiscence is a re-implementation of the engine used in the game “Flashback: The Quest for Identity” made by Delphine Software and released in 1992. REminiscence was created by Gregory Montoir.


– Updated to Gregory Montoir’s latest version:
– PC CD SEQ file movie support
– Experimental support for Amiga data files
– Level selector is now part of the official build
– Menus fade in and out

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Adventure Game Studio (AGS) Runtime v3.21 (R4) (PSP misc)

JJJ’s “Adventure Game Studio Runtime for PSP” allows you to run AGS games. This port can run games made with AGS 3.2x only at the moment.


– Added midi music playback
– Extended the sound cache to include WAVE files

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pspHBSortTool v4.0 (PSP Application misc)

pspHBSortTool by PartQual is an application for Windows to organize your homebrew programs.


+ Added support for GCLight and GCLite;
+ Enabled multi-select on main screen;
+ Added drag/drop from Explorer (to add new items on the fly);
+ Several functions now have batch options (e.g. via multi-select);
+ New tool to validate extensions for compressed files;
+ Rescan option (to add new drive on the fly);
+ Added autoscroll to main grid (enables drag/drop with long lists);
+ GUI tweaks (e.g. change “Target” to “Mode” and seal DDLs);
+ Other minor optimisations.

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Kingdom Of War PSP v2 (pre2) (PSP Game)

“Kingdom Of War PSP” is a MMO type game developed for PSP by UnlimitedX. A WiFi connection is required to play the game!


– New spells available (heal, execution etc).
– Some bugs fixed.
– A reinforcement system has been implemented.
– New features (graphics and sounds).
– Fixed a major bug that crashed the PSP.
– The healing spell is now functional and can easily select a close friend (using triangle).
– Adding a woodstaff to the monk (it will no longer a sword)
– The sword is no longer displayed for the battle position of the punch.
– Reducing the number of initial reinforcement 100->20 (considering the number of players at the moment).
– New interface etc …

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BatteryChecker (17-07-2011) (PSP Application)

“BatteryChecker” plugin makes your power LED starts blinking fast when the battery reaches a specified life percent. Tested on 6.20 PRO-B8.

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PSPStates Menu v3 (PSP Application)

“PSPStates Menu” by plum_429 allows you to generate “save states”. This is a function commonly known from emulators, where you can save a snapshot of the game and start exactly like the gameplay status was at the time of saving. This plugin is supposed to work on 6.xx firmwares.

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NoUMD for 6.xx CFW (19-07-2011) (PSP Application)

This “NoUMD” plugin completely disables the UMD drive. Tested on 6.20 PRO-B8.


Fixed a bug that caused ISOs/CSOs not start. Please re-download!

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MagicSave v3.62 (PSP Application)

PSP MagicSave will be able to save data en- and decryption during a game. The application itself is in Japanese language.

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DaedalusX64 (Revision 721) (N64 emu for PSP)

DaedalusX64 is the continuation of the original Daedalus PSP port by StrmnNrmn and other contributors. It is a GPL Open Source project.


[~] Fixed compiling error from last commit
[-] Small clean ups here and there

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CustomHOME (Beta) v0.6.4 (PSP Application)

“CustomHOME” is a plugin that makes HOME MENU more convenient.


[fix] fix game reset function.
[change] Changed to work only with the game that is shown the original HOME menu.
*There is no need to update cmlib

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