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Xenocider v2018.06.09 (WIP) (Dreamcast Game)

Retro Sumus are still heavily working on their Space Harrier tribute Xenocider!


Mission acomplished! #ScreenshotSaturday #Xenocider #WeAreRetro

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Xenocider v2018.06.02 (WIP) (Dreamcast Game)

Retro Sumus are still heavily working on their Space Harrier tribute Xenocider!


Some more tests with Xara’s new hoverboard… and sidepods. #ScreenshotSaturday #Xenocider #WeAreRetro

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Retro Game Designer (Kickstarter) (misc)

Retro Game Designer is live on Kickstarter! Create your own video games for Sega Megadrive / Genesis, Dreamcast, Playstation 1 & Atari Jaguar! No to very little coding skills will be needed.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Supporter versions start from 30 EUR to export for one system, but will feature a nag screen. A full fledged license will be 500 EUR and include commercial usage like selling your game.

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RVG Interviews Senile Team (Dreamcast misc)

Retro Video Gamer (RVG) interviews the fabulous Senile Team.

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Intrepid Izzy v2018.05 (Commerical) (WIP) (Kickstarter) (DC Game)

Intrepid Izzy by Senile Team combines platforming, beat ’em up and adventure elements to create a unique experience with depth, character and above all, fun. Here comes the May 2018 development update:


Hello darlings!

It’s time for more good news!


First of all, we have received some preproduction samples of the Izzy figure, and they look great! Here’s a photo of the one that now adorns my desk. The figure is about 8 cm (3 inches) high including the base. The colours on this sample are accurate, but for the fiished product the glossy paints will be replaced with matte ones. But wait, there’s more! The figure comes in a lovely, custom-designed, windowed box.

Enemies and projectiles

I have recently made improvements to the enemy characters and all the nasty things they shoot, fling an spit at Izzy. About a dozen enemies have been completed now, each with their own unique behaviour. For exampe, this fungal foe can now go sub-terranian and dig his way to another random location.

The projectiles fired from his mouth are very straightforward, but thanks to the recent changes, projectiles can now be configured in many ways.

Yes, I know I’ve shown you the eye-tossing mummy before, but he has been improved since then. Also, here’s some previously unseen footage of him taking a beating.

Warmest regards,,

Roel van Mastbergen / Senile Team

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Unfindable Connection (Dreamcast Game)

Unfindable Connection is a MUGEN game brought to Dreamcast by Captain Dreamcast. This is a Dolmexica Infinite mod, which in turn is a MUGEN interpreter for Windows/Web/Dreamcast.

Thanks to zzzuoz for the news.

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Visual Memory Battalion (WIP) (Dreamcast VMU Game)

Visual Memory Battalion by guacasaurus_mex is a turn based strategy game with multiple enemies. There doesn’t seem to be a release right now, but this is going to be a part of something bigger!

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Okinawa Rush (WIP) (Commercial) (DC Game)

Okinawa Rush is a martial arts platforming game with RPG elements, many items to collect and unique FengShui system. The game is currently in development and will come to PC, PS4, Xbox One and Dreamcast!

Based on the “golden era” of video gaming with many influences from the old arcade games of the early 90s whilst introducing a deep, fluid, fighting engine, unique features and a constantly evolving character system.

Okinawa Rush - Kickstarter Trailer
Watch this video on YouTube.


-- 3 Playable characters.
-- Fast, fluid combat with unique fighting engine.
-- Intense boss battles!
-- Parry anything system.
-- FengShui item system.
-- Co-op two player mode.
-- Customisable training Dojo
-- Train your hero for optimum power and speed.
-- Online highscores and time-attack. Ingame “splits” for speed-runners!

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Amy Zing and the Amazing Mazes v2017.11.28 (DC Game)

Amy Zing and the Amazing Mazes is little maze solving game by Ant512. The game is loosely based on the snail maze built into some revisions of the Sega Master System BIOS but it isn’t a remake. Like the snail maze, the objective is to guide the red square through the maze from the starting point to the finishing point.

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Tanglewood v2018.02.25 (WIP) (DC Game)

Tanglewood by Big Evil Corporation will be also available for the Dreamcast and we got some news yesterday via Twitter.


Work on the Dreamcast version continues, but will remain at a slow pace until the Mega Drive version reaches Gold. We’re planning a free demo for you to burn to disc, like we did with the Mega Drive version. More news as it happens.

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