Dreamcast News
Fenix Engine v0.92a (Beta) (DC misc)

SWAT created a port the latest Fenix engine v0.92a to be used with the Dreamcast. This version runs *.dcb and app.dcb files from the root directory of its CD.

Thanks to Christuserloeser for the news!


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Kill Brick DC (DC Game)

Kill Brick DC is a clone of LBreakout, which itself is, well, a breakout/arkanoid game.

PS: Posting from Abu Dhabi International 🙂 Yeh, free internet!


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DragonDC (a11) (Dragon 16/32 emu for DC)

Here is the Developer release of DragonDC. Includes last Dreamcast port formed by binary and source.

DragonDC is a Dragon 32/64 & Tandy Color Computer emulator and is created on a preliminary port of Quzar, based on Ciaran Anscomb’s XRoar 0.11.

It needs a GUI like DCider urgently and a few adjustments. Works fine on all emus of DC. A good idea is to enable the GUI included with the XRoar orignal source code.


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Noiz2sa (Beta 1) (DC Game)

Noiz2sa is a port of an abstract shooter game for the Dreamcast by chui. It now has reached beta stage.


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DCaSTaway rc5 (Atari ST emu for DC)

DCaSTaway is a Atari ST emulator for the Dreamcast which runs pretty well. The authors are Chui & Ron.


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