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Pacman Remake v1.618 (Dreamcast Fenix Game)

Roland F.B. has released a Pacman game for Dreamcast, it’s written using Fenix.

This version is a little different from the original one from 80’s since the player cannot touch the walls of the levels so that him minimized its levels of power and their lives in the game, must escape of all the ghosts and to advance until I complete level to win in the game.

Thanks to http://www.dreamcast.es/ for the news.


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FreeSCI v0.6.4 (DC misc)

SCI, which Sierra referred to as both the “SCript Interpreter” and the “Sierra Creative Interpreter”, is a p-machine style virtual machine for executing platform-independant, object-oriented code. SCI was designed for 16 bit little endian computers, although there were later attempts to create 32 bit versions, LSCI, and SCI32. SCI was exclusively used by Sierra On-Line, Inc., to run its computer game series, with titles like Leisure Suit Larry 2-7, Space Quest 3-6, King’s Quest 4-6, Quest for Glory 1-4, and several others.

FreeSCI can decompress and load SCI0 resource files, load and link position-independant SCI scripts, execute SCI bytecode, display SCI0 pic, view, and cursor graphics, draw text according to information stored in the font resource, interpret SCI0 sound resources, and provide input events to the SCI bytecode. In short, it can run SCI0 games, although it still has a few bugs.

Release notes:

FreeSCI 0.6.4 has been released; this release supersedes all previous releases. 0.6.4 is mostly a bugfix release, finally rendering most SCI0 games beatable (SCI0 games that have been confirmed to be beatable include LSL2, LSL3, QfG1/HQ and SQ3).

Even though 0.6.4 is not quite as stable as our previous stable branch, we have decided to have it replace the stable branch due to potentially unclean code (code that may have been derived directly from SCI interpreter disassembly). Since FreeSCI is intended as a clean-room re-implementation of Sierra SCI, we do not permit such code in our code base; we have therefore replaced it with clean code (thanks to help from Max Horn).

FreeSCI 0.6.4 further includes some improvements to the audio subsystem, but please note that all of these still require manual source code changes in order to be enabled:
– MT-32 emulator support (Walter) (note that this requires MT-32 ROM files)
– General MIDI support for SCI1 games
– a CAMD MIDI driver for newer AmigaOS versions

Thanks to http://www.aep-emu.de for the news.


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DC-Germany (Dreamcast misc)

Maturion has opened another Dreamcast related webpage, this one fully in german language, which makes it a rare appearance on the web.

If you are german speaking just head over and give this page a go!


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PentagoDC (DC Game)

Pentago is an abstract strategy game. Pentago is played on a 6×6 board divided into four parts of 3×3. Each player, in turn, should put one of its chips in an empty box and then turn 90 degrees one of the quadrants. He earns the player who manages to align five of its chips (diagonally or vertically or horizontally), whether he succeeds before or after the rotation.

If you manage to occupy the entire board without having achieved the goal, the game is on tables. It handles with PAD. Experimentally works in FULL PAL resolution to 768 * 572 pixels.

Thanks to http://dcemulation.org/ for the news.


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The spanish scene has created a new graphical adevnture engine and there is no better way to make its debut than dedicating it to those crazy, magical beings, also known as TROLLS which hang around on ELOTROLADO.NET and do nothing but piss off people and fill the scene with garbage, slimeballs, shit and bad mood for everyone.

It is a game where you play as a Troll that tries to piss off forumers, you can move it with the cursor to pick items, move, and interact with the people.

Thanks to http://dcemulation.org/ for the news.


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DeathChase 3D (Test 1) (Alpha) (DC Game Port)

ron has released an alpha version of a port of DeathChase 3D to Dreamcast. Based on SDL and vector graphics, an alpha 01 test version is now released. At the moment this version is a work in progress and is in its early stages. Do not expect a finished game since it is very primitive. The game will eventually finished to be a frantic game of deadly racing of motorcycles.


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Interview with The Gypsy (DC misc)

The guys at DCEmulation conducted an interview with “The Gypsy”, author of GypPlay.


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OpenTyrian v0.2 (DC Game Port)

Indiket has updated his port of OpenTyrian for the Dreamcast.


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Dreamcast.es (DC misc)

DCiberia.net and Dreamcast.es and have merged into a new portal dedicated exclusively to the Sega Dreamcast and continue to disseminate all the information together in Spanish language.

Thanks to ron & http://www.dcemu.co.uk for the news.


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FreeSCI DC (DC misc)

Phantom, maintainter of the FreeSCI port for Dreamcast, is quite unsure, if he should continue or stop development on this.


FreeSCI’s “glutton” branch is expected to become the stable branch in the near future. I’m unsure whether continuing to maintain the DC port is worthwhile. Is anyone still using FreeSCI on DC?

Go and tell him what you think, if you want to have a proper FreeSCI port on Dreamcast, you know what to do!

Thanks to http://www.dcemu.co.uk for the note.


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