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Stealth Quake v1.2 (DC Game Port)

Version 1.2 of Stealth Quake has been released, this is more than likely the final release and is a major upgrade from previous versions which are no longer available; the changelog is below.


– Image flashes no longer occur on non-lovecraftian creatures
– Updated findradius(); to searchradius(); in several instances
allowing the WinQuake and Darkplaces version to behave more alike
– Jump button no longer respawns player, only fire as told in death description
– Self-talk only occurs during idle time
– Proper death animation is now played when rock is selected
– Additional sound ques properly cleared on death
– More frags now indicate who died the most, or betrayed the team most (team kills)
– Sneaking speed is less framerate dependant
– Fixed restarting of a level even if a player is still alive
– Players entering a game with 0 lives left are now made observers instead of players
– Rare instance of player allowed to throw rocks / shoot the pistol while in camera mode fixed
– Camera is improved
– Players who are targetted by an enemy can no longer stealth kill that monster,
yet another player still can (thus allowing another player to save a friend)
this also mean you’re not able to perform a running stealth kill (considered a
minor exploit)
– Stealth kill ‘vision’ widened, you must hit their back a bit more accurately now
– Brand new roaming AI, based on some of The Ascension of Vigil code as well as general AI improvements
– More sounds added to help the atmosphere
– Balance tweaks that help prevent speed running, as well as making more logical gameplay sense
– Fixed FOV not being reset when falling out of a Shamblers vision in certain circumstances
– The death music track now plays for observers
– Observers can now restart the round by pressing fire when everyone is dead and out of lives
– Wall tucking properly narrows a monsters vision cone making it even more effective than sneaking
– Fixed a bug where if a monster killed a player, they’d always move towards the player unless
– Kill command works, doesn’t take away from the lives pool
– Crosshair turns off when walltucking and renables when not
– Upgraded models for the pistol and bullets
– If the player is killed by certain attacks they’re now gibbed
– DP Only: Client side prediction is turned on when not sneaking, helps running away / lag


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GNUBoy v1.0.4 (GBC emu for DC)

fackue updated the Dreamcast’s port of GNUBoy and added .ZIP support.

Other release notes:

I didn’t really do much besides add ZIP support, quzar’s been basically helping me along the way and removed a bunch of code that was unnecessary. I have no idea what’s wrong with the menu after loading a few roms – it ends up say “/cd/gb” and then you gotta restart. I also disabled bilinear filtering. I’m not sure what else I could possibly do on my own so I’m gonna go ahead and release it as-is.

Oh yeah, I also merged the pre-alpha release of gnuboy 1.0.4. They say it fixes a couple games.

Oh, I also added a VMU icon to the game saves.

One final thing. The “zip” support in the original release was actually gz support and should work in the original release as well as this one.

Sorry I couldn’t do anything that I really wanted, like the options menu.


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Neko Project II v0.82 (PC-9801 emu for DC)

Histat has released a new emulator for the Dreamcast, Neko Project II. It is a PC-9801 series emulator. You can get it from the official website.


Neko Project II for Dreamcast
For more information, latest release at http://neko.sourceforge.net

1) About
Neko Project II is a pc-9801 series emulator

2) Install
these files should contain in data directory
* SOUND.ROM (optional)

unzip np2-version-dreamcast.zip
change dirctory np2-version-dreamcast
put your need file to data directory
and burn data directory at your own way

3) Contact
histat -> histat AT users.sourceforge.net

Thanks to Maturion / http://www.dcemulation.org for the news.


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SMS SDL DC v0.1 (Master System emu for DC)

This is a very quick port of SMS+SDL 7.1 by Gregory Montoir which was based on 0.9.4a of SMS Plus by Charles Mac Donald. Put your .sms and .gg ROMs in /roms and burn.


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HighMoon DC (DC Game Port)

HighMoon is an Artillery/Worms-like duel game.


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T-Sim v0.1 (DC Game)

T-Sim is a GPL helicopter flight-simulator.


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Emuforge Homebrew Retro Scene Compilation (DC misc)

Emuforge Homebrew Retro Scene Compilation is a compilation of many (emulated) games and apps for the Dreacmast.


DREAMEDGE (Chui): Example of EDGE 3D engine port with FreeDoom.
– DREAMPLACES (Chui): Little example of Darkplaces preliminar port.
– ANOTHER BRICK ON THE WALL 2 (Compiler Software): ZX-Spectrum game, Arkanoid similar.
– BABALIBA REMAKE (Compiler Software): Fenix remake of Babaliba ZX-Spectrum game.
– BETILED! (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum puzzle game.
– DEEP SCAN (Octocom): ZX-Spectrum simple game.
– CANNON BUBBLE (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum game, PuzzleBobble similar.
– CAMELOT WARRIORS REMAKE (BuHonero & Coelophysis): Fenix remake of Camelot Warriors 8bit game.
– COLUMNS (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum Sega Columns clone.
– GALAXY FIGHTER (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum simple game.
– INFILTRADO 2 (Octocom): ZX-Spectrum tactial-puzzle game.
– INSERT COINS (Octocom): ZX-Spectrum platform game.
– ISOTOPIA (Octocom): ZX-Spectrum molecular-puzzle game.
– JUDGE MORRY VS. BALDO MIDGET (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum simple game.
– MOGGY (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum arcade game.
– NANAKO IN CLASSIC JAPANESE MONSTER CASTLE (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum platform game.
– PANDEMIA (Octocom): ZX-Spectrum adventure game.
– PHANTOMAS SAGA: INFINITY (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum platform game.
– PHANTOMASA II (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum platform game.
– PITFALL-ZX (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum game, Pitfall similar.
– RAGNABLOCK (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum Arkanoid clone.
– REVELADOS (Compiler Software): ZX-Spectrum blog-game.
– RUN BILL RUN (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum simple game.
– SOKOBAN (Compiler Software): ZX-Spectrum puzzle game.
– VIAJE AL CENTRO DE LA TIERRA (Topo siglo XXI): Complete ZX-Spectrum game (unreleased TopoSoft game).
– ZX-COLUMNS (Compiler Software): ZX-Spectrum Sega clone.
– ZX-MINES 2 (Compiler Software): ZX-Spectrum minesweeper clone.
– ZX-POKER (Compiler Software): ZX-Spectrum card game.


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Fenix (08-03-2008) (DC Application)

Fenix is the codename for a GNU project to create a free compiler for a language derived from the one created by Hammer Technologies for the Game Developement Suite “DIV Games Studio”.

The DIV Games Studio was a complete development environment (for Windows98) which provides an integrated set of graphics and sound manipulation tools plus a dedicated programming language and debugger.

While DIV Games Studio makes light work of games programming, we have to say that we feel that FastTrak is being somewhat economical with the truth in its claim that it “requires no previous knowledge of programming.”

So, Fenix is a simple high-level game creation language, based on DIV. The Fenix compiler generates a bytecode file that is executed, using a runtime, in a “sandbox” similar to Java, and games can be written and run on the Dreamcast in this manner.

Fenix is a toolkit of 4 command line applications:
– FXC: Fenix Compiler. Convert PRG files (source code) to DCB (bytecode).
– FXI: Fenix Interpreter or Runtime. Execute DCB files (bytecode) independent of architecture.
– MAP: Convert GIF or PNG image files to MAP files.
– FPG: Compress or extract a lot of MAP files on a FPG file.

The goal of Fenix Dreamcast port is easy development under Windows or GNU/Linux and execute unique DCB bytecode executable under Windows or GNU/Linux … and Dreamcast or GP32 consoles (only port Interpreter or Runtime).


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SDL OpenGL (08-03-2008) (DC misc)

Dreamcast SDL and OpenGL.

Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, 3D hardware via OpenGL, and 2D video framebuffer.

Chui’s SDL port for Dreamcast is a SDL (v1.2.9) driver and it is based on Bero’s driver, but it has new features.


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Neverball (08-03-2008) (DC Game Port)

Tilt the floor to roll a ball through an obstacle course before time runs out. Neverball is part puzzle game, part action game, and entirely a test of skill.

Neverball released for Dreamcast:

– Fixed physical problems.
– More stable and fast.
– Fixed transparency problems.
– Fixed music problems.
– VMU support for saving game state.


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