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Tanglewood (WIP) (Genesis Game)

Tanglewood by Big Evil Corporation is making progress! Don’t miss the development news via their Facebook page.

Set in the realm of Tanglewood, the game follows a young creature, Nymn, separated from the pack after the sun sets. Unable to get back to the safety of the family’s underground home, Nymn must find a way to survive the night terrors and get to morning. Tanglewood’s world is a dangerous one after dark; guiding Nymn you must use your skills of evasion, traps and trickery to defeat predators.

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Escape 2042 – The Truth Defenders (Kickstarter) (DC Game) (Genesis Game) (GB Game)

Escape 2042 – The Truth Defenders is is a fast paced 2D platformer with 2 mini-games included, running it’s funding campaign at Kickstarter now. What is awesome, it’s not just only one system to get another nice game, but four! Dreamacst, Genesis/Megadrive, Game Boy and Windows!

The main game features security cameras to avoid, firing enemies, grenades to collect, computer “hacking” to open doors or disable laser protection fields, and level card based locked door in the first prison levels. The game will take place in 3 different environments (prison, forest, desert) interspersed with 2 mini-games including a reversed shoot’em up and an original abseiling game.

The project is targeted for the following platforms:
-Gameboy (DMG, Pocket, Color, GBA) cartridge + box with manual
-Megadrive PAL (and Genesis NTSC) cartridge + box with manual
-Dreamcast (Region free, Factory pressed CD)
-Windows (Vote for this game on Steam Greenlight !)
-PC-Engine CD (if the Stretch Goal is met)

Thanks to Vasiliy Sergeevich Rybkin for the news hint!

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Mega Bargain Hunters (WIP) (Genesis Game)

Yet another Matthew Bennion game is Mega Bargain Hunters. Loosely based on the UK Bargain Hunt game show, obviously removing any character references and anything associated with the show, etc. The general idea is you choose a expert who specializes in a specific field, you choose a flee market / place to buy bargains, your expert gives you a run down of the items you can choose from at the flee market, you haggle with the seller, purchase the item, once you have 3 items you select an auction house, sell items at auction house and try and make a profit.

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Mega Rock Band Manager (WIP) (Genesis Game)

Matthew Bennion is working on his not yet released Genesis/Megadrive game Mega Rock Band Manager. Sim to manage a rock band basically! Sign record deals, write songs, do gigs, do tours, hire and fire a manager, do merchandise, etc…

Here is a video of what he has done so far:

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Cave Story v0.3.0 (Genesis Game)

Did you know Andy Grind is working really hard to bring Cave Story to the Sega Genesis? His version is a rewrite/port of the popular freeware game Cave Story for Sega MegaDrive/Genesis. The engine is built using SGDK, and written almost entirely in C.

Release notes:

There are a lot of crashing fixes after 0.2.1 so if that version crashes during a map transition try this. You SHOULD be able to reach the last bosses. All of which are messed up and buggy. Plantation is also messed up and buggy. I’ve gotten rather burnt out working on this and am gonna go play video games for a while.

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Mega Q-Bert v1.2 (Genesis Game)

Mega Q*bert by Jaklub is a fan adaptation of the popular arcade title for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. The title has 2 modes – Mega mode with 80 new different levels to beat and an Arcade mode, which is based on NES Q*bert (which in turn is based on the original game). Both modes allow simultaneous cooperative play.

Mega Q*bert

Release notes:

Version 1.2 is up. Most important changes are a bunch of fixes related to reported noise issues (should be fine during the gameplay on real machines now) and increased difficulty of Arcade mode (was too easy to play infinitely even with the second loop).*bert-(full-game)/page2

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Virtua Worm (03-12-2016) (Genesis Game)

Virtua Worm by ComradeOj is a cross between Snake and Pac-Man. You have to navigate through a maze while eating food pellets. Each piece of food adds a body segment. The goal is to eat every piece of food in the stage without running in to yourself. There are 15 stages in total.

Virtua Worm - Genesis Homebrew game

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Solaris v0.81 (Genesis Game)

Solaris by Nendo copies the mechanism of Tetris and offers an endless mode or a challenge to clear 40 lines as fast as possible.

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Ixion v0.89 (Genesis Game)

Nendo‘s Ixion for the Sega Genesis invites you to dodge bullets. What looks like a good start is a not yet fully developed bullet hell shooter. Although it’s looking promising, we don’t know if this could turn into a full homebrew game.


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Aventura (02-11-2016) (Genesis Game)

Aventura by Cleber Casali‎ is a port/conversion of Adventure from the Atari 2600 for Mega Drive/Sega Genesis and Sega CD. Please report any bugs or differences from the original worth fixing directly to the author.

Aventura (Genesis Game)


* Fixed a bug that could cause the game to freeze when eaten by a dragon near the bottom of the screen.

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