Genesis / Mega Drive News
Placamaster 68k v1.30 (Genesis misc)

tomman has relased an update to his “Venezuelan license plate generator” for the Genesis/MegaDrive.


– Full code rewrite in the latest and greatest BasiEgaXorz version (1.24_rev3):
+ Plate generation engine and customizer module 99% free of nasty bugs
+ Rewrite using subs/functions – up to 5% slower, but easier to mantain
+ Replaced most string handling functions (Left$/Mid$) by direct string array handling – faster and less prone to crashes
– NEW: You can now select the state for MINFRA plates with custom serials! Or if you want, you can still use state autodetection, based on the plate’s serial (now plate-type dependant)
– Now customized serials (and those from plates shorter than 7 characters) are perfectly centered into the plate
– Customized serials max length now depend on the plate type
– Fixed a minor bug in plate information: Miranda/Merida state plates were being detected with the “wrong” state (crossed wires
– Minor fixes here and there for minimize those annoying “artifacts” on scene “transition”/drawing routines
– Minor redesign to the font used to draw plate serials: more cleaner and rounder

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Bassfish (Genesis Intro)

Speckdrumm a well known german/austrian demogroup has released a Megadrive/Genesis intro at Breakpoint 2008.

Speckdrumm Website:

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XMas 2K7 (Genesis Intro)

TmEE co.(TM) has released a small “XMAS Demo” for the Genesis/Megadrive.

Thanks to retroK / for the news.

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PLACAMASTER 68K v1.20 (Genesis misc)

tomman has released a license plate generator for the Genesis, called “PLACAMASTER 68K”, which is a port from his Venezuelan license plate generator for Windows, “PLACAMASTER”. It’s coded on BasiEgaXorz 0.21, and might be a bit buggy.

Thanks to tomman himself for the news who posted them in our board:

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Kero Demo (Genesis Techdemo)

mic has sent me a Megadrive/Genesis demo a (long long) while ago. It has been uploaded to the PDRoms Archive and can be downloaded now from:

(09/2008, to be updated with a new link)

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