Genesis / Mega Drive News
Paprium v2018.05.18 (WIP) (Genesis Game)

Game developent with ups and downs. News about Paprium for the Sega Genesis!

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The Viking & The Ninja v2018.05.17 (WIP) (Genesis misc)

According to Homebrew Legends developer Zebbe is working on a new Genesis game named The Viking & The Ninja. The game seems to be inspired by Gauntlet and Dungeon Explorer.

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RVG Interviews Second Dimension (Genesis misc)

Retro Video Gamer (RVG) interviews the guys behind Second Dimension.

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Tänzer v2018.05.16 (WIP) (Genesis Game)

Mikael Tillander got the first draft of box art for his upcoming Genesis / Mega Drive game Tänzer.


Finally got the cover art, made by Fergi Susetiyo. Playing around with box layouts for the game. It’s a first deraft, at least. 🙂 #megadrive #genesis #tänzer #gamedev

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Retro Game Designer (Kickstarter) (misc)

Retro Game Designer is live on Kickstarter! Create your own video games for Sega Megadrive / Genesis, Dreamcast, Playstation 1 & Atari Jaguar! No to very little coding skills will be needed.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Supporter versions start from 30 EUR to export for one system, but will feature a nag screen. A full fledged license will be 500 EUR and include commercial usage like selling your game.

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Kung-Fu Ufo v2018.05.12 (WIP) (Genesis Game)

How does the title screen of  Retro Nerve Games‘ Genesis / Mega Drive game Kung-Fu Ufo looks? Here we go!

Twitter notes:

#screenshotsaturday time! This is the main menu for the demo version of Kung-Fu UFO. Don’t forget to check our #patreon . Thank you all for your support. #gamedev #sega #segagenesis #megadrive #pixelart #homebrew #indiegame #indiedev #retrogaming

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Xump 2 v2018.05.12 (WIP) (Genesis Game)

Retroguru did not gave up their project Xump 2, the #1 gamedev compo winner from Revision 2017. It’s still receiving plenty of tiny improvements. Help Misuki to destroy blocks systematically to clear another 48 fields. Puzzle fun ahead!

Quote from Facebook:

Xump 2 for Mega Drive / Genesis is still a in progress game, but we are almost there. There is a free version already available, the pimped one will be out on cartridge via DragonBox Shop later this year.

There is also a good chance to see this game on all other systems we support. Certainly this will depend on the feedback we get.

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Tanglewood v2018.05.09 (WIP) (Genesis Game)

Release client of Tanglewood ahead!


Friday update: we have a final build date!

Since we haven’t encountered a gameplay breaking bug in a while, and have only been fixing medium-to-small issues, we’ve decided it’s about time we locked down and committed to a date – we’re aiming to hit Gold build on Friday 18th May.

In order to do that, we’re aiming to have our release candidate this Sunday 13th May, which gives us 5 days to double and triple check that there really is nothing game breaking left, whilst making necessary preparations for sending the build to the factory.

We’re picking at small bugs, reworking minute details, if we’re left to do this unsupervised then we could find a lifetime’s worth of tiny perfectionist work, and it’ll never get released. Everyone on the team has agreed on a final list of things to resolve, and then it’s ready.

I’ll be honest, I am absolutely TERRIFIED. This 6 year ordeal is actually, finally, really, genuinely about to come to a close, and TANGLEWOOD will be finished. It’s gonna be a strange week.

Not that we’re out of the woods just yet – after that scary date, we begin physical manufacture!

See you on the other side,


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Homebrew Heroes Interview: Retro Nerve Games (Genesis misc)

Homebrew Heroes conducted an interview with Retro Nerve Games, the newcomers of the Mega Drive / Genesis development scene.

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Star Ark v2018.05.05 (WIP) (Genesis Game)

Star Ark is a science fiction game being developed for the Sega Genesis. The game is set on an interstellar colony ship. The player is a member of the crew who must put down a mutiny and set the ship back on course. The 8 Bit Daddy Daughter Team recently posted an update.

Watch this video on YouTube.


We have just completed a full prototype deck of our star ship for testing purposes. Technical issues notwithstanding, the video also gives you an idea of the structure of the game. The ship in the game is a Bussard ramjet which affected our deck design.

The star ship in Star Ark is a Bussard interstellar ramjet. The ship is designed to operate under constant acceleration and therefore is built like a tower with decks being placed one on top of each other. One may note the hexagonal shaft in the center of the deck; this is the duct down which interstellar hydrogen is fed from the RAM scoop to the fusion engine in the engineering section below. Overall, the ship takes on the form of a hexagonal tower comprised of five modules including:

1) RAM scoop equipment module
2) Habitat and administration module
3) Life support module
4) Cargo module
5) Engineering module

In this video, we take a tour of a prototype deck. Each deck is made up of a 3 x 3 matrix of scroll planes which in turn are made up of an array of 64 x 64 tiles.

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