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3D Dungeon (21-01-2008) (Master System Game)

Haroldo has been working on a new Master System game the past days.

Release notes:

Well, here’s a new version, going back to the first person engine, and beginning implementation of a RPG-styled battle system.
The green “things” you see on the screen are supposed to be enemies. Once implemented, it’ll be the old traditional game mechanics: The player will walk around for a while, and then, suddenly the enemies will appear in front of him, and then the game will enter battle mode.
As can be seen, there are only two enemies on screen. That’s because of the 8 sprite per line limit, even though, so far, little less than one third of the maximum sprites per screen are in use. Later, I intend to experiment with combining sprites and backgroud tiles to get around this limit. Adding some flying enemies would also help getting around this. =P

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z88dk v1.7 (Master System misc)

z88dk is a z80 C cross compiler supplied with an assembler/linker and a set of libraries implementing the C standard library for a number of different z80 based machines. The name z88dk originates from the time when the project was founded and targetted only the Cambridge z88 portable.

The compiler featured in z88dk is a much enhanced Small C compiler; the compiler accepts many features of ANSI C and is only deficient in a few areas where implementation on a z80 processor might prove inefficient. The compiler performs simple optimisations, but the bulk of the optimisation is achieved by a set of peep-hole rules, which will typically reduce the size of a large project by up to a third.

The libraries supplied with z88dk are designed to be as generic as possible, indeed it is possible to port to a new machine simply by supplying two library routines and some startup code. It is hoped that one day z88dk will support as many z80 based machines as there is information available and sufficient interest in. Currently z88dk supports more than twenty z80 targets with the level of library support for each target varying with interest shown by users.


* [sccz80] Bug fixes, tweaks to single parameter function pointer calls
* [z80asm] Z80asm supporting Rabbit
* [zcpp] End of file fix for win32
* [zcc] -Cz flag to pass through to appmake
* [appmake] Support for most z88dk targets
* [lib/crt0] Support for Newbrain, Rabbit, Sega Master System SMS, TS2068
* [lib] Much of the library rewritten to use FASTCALL and CALLEE linkage for faster and small library function calls
* [lib] malloc library can now allocate from a scattered map of available RAM and supports multiple heaps
* [lib] balloc library introduced as a block memory allocator
* [lib] interrupt mode 2 library added
* [lib] stdlib and strings now completely implemented in assembler and expanded
* [lib] abstract data types library introduced initially containing linked list, heap, stack and queue algorithms library begun initially containing an implementation of the A* search algorithm
* [lib] ZX Spectrum : ZX basic fcntl driver
* [lib] ZX Spectrum : SP1 software sprite engine added
* [lib] ZX Spectrum : Improved Spectrum library includes new display functions
* [lib] ZX Spectrum : Input library added for direct access to keyboard, joystick and mouse devices

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Picross v1.01 (Master System Game)

This is a port of a popular electronic version of “nonogram”, “picross”, “paint by numbers”, etc puzzles (lots of names for the same thing). It’s simple to play and life-destroyingly addictive too!

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Sokoban SMS v0.03 (Alpha) (Master System Game)

Haroldo is working on a Sokoban game for the Sega Master System. The news are 3 weeks old, but due to the fact we hardly have Master System news – here they are.

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Master System II Section is up! (Master System misc)

As promised… here is the Sega Master System section! I think I’ll skip the SG-1000 since the demos for that are not that great, and there are only 3 of them 🙁 Now it’s definatley time to turn off the computer 🙂


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