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Minimal BD-J Devkit (PS3 misc)

FreePlay released a Minimal BD-J (Java) Development Kit for Playstation 3.

Release notes:

BD-J for PS3 minimal devkit by FreePlay

NOTE: For this to work properly, you *MUST* copy it to the root of your C: drive – that is, to C:bdj-ps3. DO NOT rename the folder.

Included is everything you’ll need to get started except for:
1. a working installation of JDK, the Java Development Kit (get that from – currently, the latest version is JDK 6 Update 7)
2. a copy of bdj.jar, the BD-J API. I can’t provide this, since you need a license to use it; however, if you have a PC program capable of making or playing Blu-Ray discs – like Nero or PowerDVD – you can get this file from there. (In Nero 8, the file is located in C:program FilesCommon FilesNeroNeroBLCBDJjl ib .)

I don’t have any real documentation on BD-J, though I’m sure you can find some on the HDCookBook website. In the ‘docs’ folder is some basic info on BD-J on a very high level.

So far as I can tell, there are some pretty strict limitations on the PS3’s implementation of BD-J:
1. You cannot read or write local files.
2. You cannot list the contents of a directory.

I may be wrong, so feel free to correct me, but I ran a few tests and couldn’t do those things.

I’ve also included a sample Hello World application and silenoz’s RSS reader, as well as a build.bat file for building, packing, and signing the programs. This batch script is pretty much universal, unless you need to add in other JAR files for your compilation.

Source files for each project should go in a folder called rootorghomebrew. For example, if you make a project called “Test App”, in your “Test App” folder you’ll place the universal build.bat , then make a rootorghomebrew folder and place your .java files in there. The ‘root’ folder will become the root of your JAR file; any files you place in that structure will become part of the JAR.

The ‘disc files’ folder contains the file structure for what you’ll copy to your storage device. Once you’ve built your 00000.jar file, copy it to ‘AVCHDBDMVJAR’ and you’ll be ready to test it.

Good luck!

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Planet Hively (16-03-2008) (PS3 Musicdisk)

Planet Hively is a “musicdisk” released for plenty of platforms, such as PS3-Linux.

Official page of the creator group “IRIS” –

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Work in Progress PS3 Exploit (PS3 misc)

Team ICE and SorroW have released a “overflow.tiff” exploit today which is confirmed working on PS3 firmwares up to 2.10 on BOTH PAL and NTSC consoles.

At the moment the TIFF file freezes the PS3 via “heap overflow” (not buffer overflow), but by knowing the “backend number and making the right calls” it is possible to inject a simple code.

Thanks to for the news!

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Playstation 3 getting one step closer to homebrew (PS3 misc)

Team Ice is having great news for us.

Read on here:

First we found an exploit to run SELF files in gameos. Then we coded an application which converts ELF files into runable SELF files. We can load these with our exploit. The coding is not finished, we still have to clean the code, that we will get an screen output. The SELF files are running, but screen doesnt show this atm. When this is fixed we could release a “hello world”.

Thanks to for the news.

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Ubuntu v7.10 on PS3 (PS3 misc)

Softpedia are having an article how to install Ubuntu v7.10 on your Playstation 3.

Thanks to brakken / for the news.

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Open Playstation 3 RSX Petition (PS3 misc)

A petition has started, which might be of interest for Playstation 3 users:

We, Playstation 3 users, ask Sony to allow the use of the RSX trough Other OS.

Right now because of the PS3 firmware limitation we can’t…
– Easily watch movies in various formats
– Correctly use 2D applications
– Friendly run lite 3D applications

Useless when it comes to fight against piracy, this limitation is a trouble for honest users but not for pirates: it makes operating systems as Linux not interesting enough and this fabulous project of Other Os on PS3 seems to drown. A huge number of disappointed comments in many forums are proving this.

Dear Sony, you made us dream, please now don’t leave us alone with lost hopes.


The Undersigned

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